ScattercatIllustration Friday Topic = Cats
This is a painting I created back in 2001,
it’s titled: "Scattercat" .. a familiar scene
at my house.

E is for…

Ericacolor70Illustration Friday topic = "E is for…"
Erica…a great friend and a great artist.
This is from a series of partial blind contour drawings I
did of her a few years ago at an art retreat up in Wisconsin.
I just added some color digitally today…they had the neatest striped couch.

Sea … Easy for a Piscean

SeaIllustration Friday theme for this week = SEA
Bodies of water often appear in my sketchbook entries.
I liked this one because I was swimming with the fish…
which I did in a dream once, I could breath under water;
it was very cool.