Illustration Friday topic = tea
this is a digitally colored ink drawing.
Tea for two and two for tea,
Tea for you and tea for me….

Memoirs of the break-up

Vineva70Last summer I had the good fortune to get a gig in the movie "the break-up" (coming out in June). There was an art fair scene, so I set up my booth and my friend Eva & I worked as extras for two days of shooting. We had a running joke about Vince Vaughn … so in my first attempt at collage I made this for Eva for her birthday. I think I’m hooked…too much hgtv!


Illustration Friday Topic = Song
This is my sketchbook entry from September 12, 2003, the day Johnny Cash died. My Dad always used to sing and play his songs on the guitar, I remember the night my parents went to see his concert at the Mary E Sawyer Auditorium in LaCrosse, WI, I was too young to go…wish I had gone as an adult as I also love the songs he recorded in his later years.


Simple70Illustration Friday Topic  = Simple
If someone else were pulling the strings
it would be a Simple life…but boring and uninspired.


Chairbw70Illustration Friday Topic = Chair

I do most of my sketchbook entries in the living room, these images were
definitely inspired by chairs – especially the "Napolean". The top
two images were done with a fading old Sharpie and the bottom
with my favorite pen, the Uniball VISION.


Illustration Friday topic = Glamour
For a gal with very LARGE feet…cute shoes and
cool boots in my size are hard to come by.
It doesn’t help that I insist on wearing
only comfortable shoes. My tall black boots
– however low-heeled – are one of my more glamourous
accessories. They bring back memories of the very fancy tall
white vinyl boots I had as a kid back in the 70’s.