Unfurry Friends

AnnedogsMe & My Unfurry Friends…Izzy, Alice, Stitch, Dot and Miss Pink Poodle…who does not have a name yet.

Licensing Show 2006

Licshow06Just returned from my second year exhibiting at the Licensing Show in NYC. I had a corner location this year and it seemed to make all the difference. I met people from many wonderful companies and have several great prospects. Now the hard part, follow up…!

A Dog Named Dot?

DotJust shipped my most recent creation to NY for my booth at the Licensing Show next week….I think her name is DOT. She is 48 inches long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail!

Sgraffito for Me-o


A technique where a top layer of color is scratched to reveal a colour beneath. The term comes from the Italian word sgraffire meaning (literally) "to scratch".

I recently figured out how to do sgraffito on terra cotta tiles after a little bit of trial and error. The key is to carve before the first bisque firing and use many layers of white underglaze. I love it, this one is called…HumanBeast…I think.


Illustration Friday Theme – Portrait
This is a recent Pet Portrait that I created for a customer to give his wife in memory of their sweet cat BeBoo who recently passed away. They said she was the queen of the house.