More Change…

Morechange_1 Another sketchbook entry from earlier this month. I’m such a Sentimental Lady…isn’t that a song?

Just gotta get my own color on the walls, all the comforts of our home inside and a makeshift studio set up in the new digs and I’m sure all will be right as rain…


Change Illustration Friday Theme = Change
I recently celebrated my 16 year anniversary of moving to Chicago, quite a long time for someone who had only planned to stay a year or two. I commemorated by drawing all the places I have lived in my sketchbook…and tomorrow the change continues as we close on a new house in a new neighborhood. I never thought we’d leave this one but I guess it’s true that the only thing that you can count on is change… so I will cherish the memories and wonderful things that have happened here and look forward to wonderful new adventures on Washtenaw.


ArtbarnIllustration Friday theme = Farm
As much as I love urban landscapes I have an equal love for rural landscapes. I have a lot of images that fit this topic, but this one came to mind first…it was inspired by the crazy drive I took to a show at an art fair called "Art in the Barn" – we set up our displays in the barns on the grounds of Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington. I also have many farm related images from the work I did in 2003 during "The Fields Project" an incredible experience.


Illustration Friday Theme = Safe
Earlier this summer we discovered a bird in our house, it was so frightened. I had to catch it (with very little help from Rich!) and release it back to the safety of the outdoors. This is a digitally colored drawing from my sketchbook.