Illustration Friday Theme = RedRedlr

and the inverse…GREENGreenlr

Pet Friendly License Plates

Picture_11_1We finally got Illinois Pet Friendly Plates for our car, it’s $40 well spent as "Proceeds from these plates goes into a pet overpopulation fund to
provide money for spaying and neutering Illinois Companion animals."
It was very easy to do…visit the Illinois Secretary of State site to find out how you can get yours. I would love to contribute art work if they ever go for a redesign!

If you live in another state visit PALC to see if your state has or is working on getting a Pet Friendly plate program.

Cool Eyeballs

Picture_17 One of the greatest benefits of biking when the temperature is below freezing is the way your eye balls feel when you close your eyes or blink, Cool and ice-y in their sockets. Yes it was a very chilly day – in the 20’s. I needed some exercise and I had a donation to deliver, and who am I kidding – my morbid curiosity was killing me, I had to ride by our old house and see if it was still standing (it was! how am I supposed to get closure?). So I biked down to Green Dog Inc
a wonderful new GREEN Eco friendly dog day care facility. It smelled like a spa (a little canine aromatherapy at work) and had such a great feel, and it’s always such a joy to see a huge gaggle of pups frolicking and having fun. I met Brenda Lang who is co-owner and also a board
member and volunteer with Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control. They are having a Wine & Howl event fundraiser on February 1st at the Artisan Wine Cellar at the Merchandise Mart…call 312-224-1116 for tickets. I donated one of my spiffy new mounted prints and some stationary. I also
had the pleasure of meeting Shadowa very sweet black pup who is
available for adoption.
I wish I could have brought him home with me… 

Gallery Opening

GallerywindowI was very pleasantly surprised to see my work featured in the front window at the Amdur Gallery for the opening of the group show "Animal Parade" which was held Friday evening. We had a great turn out of kids and people of all ages and some very well behaved dogs. Among several really talented artists at the show were Keith Grace, a painter who incorporates collages into his works and Betsy Youngquist who makes incredible beaded sculptures.


Illustration Friday Topic = 80’s
Now my age is showing…before we moved last fall I found this oil pastel drawing I did from Rocky III back in high school (probably in 84). Ironically the Rocky Balboa sequel just came out in December. It was the largest drawing I had ever attempted, I used the grid method to blow it up from a small magazine image…tedious work, I doubt I would have the patience for that method today.


BuzzsmallIllustration Friday Theme = BUZZ
I was paging through old sketchbooks and found this drawing from the day after Christmas 2002 – I had received a Sonicare toothbrush as a gift …it was very BUZZeee on my teeth.

Stripes . . .

I celebrated the New Year by trying something I’ve never done before. I painted the laundry room walls with STRIPES, it looks great! I was going to try and actually paint individual stripes…I’m glad I had the sense to research it – the key is to paint the entire wall first, then tape it and paint the second color. What a bright cheery space … now what to do with the adjoining bedroom walls…?!