Older, Smarter, Better!

Picture_4_1I just created this t-shirt design for a wonderful Senior Animal Pet Rescue Group in the Chicago area: Young At Heart Pet Rescue. All proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go towards the many expenses an organization like this has in its efforts to save, sometimes treat and foster these dears until they find forever homes. The shirts will be available for sale at the upcoming Chicagoland Family Pet Expo.



Illustration Friday Theme = Crash. Ink Drawing painted with pixels of color. A fork in the road…depending on their speed maybe they won’t crash at all…


Sprout Illustration Friday Theme = Sprout
I did this sketch with ink and digitally colored…immediate gratification…can you imagine what it will be like when my Cintiq Tablet arrives?!

Another Brush with Hollywood!

23Last year I signed a release for the use of several of my postcards on the set of the New Line Cinema Movie: "23" starring Jim Carrey. The  trailer for the movie just came out on their website. In the  kitchen scene my postcard featuring "Urban View" is on the refrigerator next to Jim…I know, pretty small – but still kind of cool. Maybe we’ll see more featured in the movie…although it looks like it will be very creepy!

My previous brush with Hollywood was in the movie The Break Up starring Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn. I was one of several artists who played extras and appeared with our art fair set ups at Buckingham Fountain for the closing scene of the movie. After two days of filming it ended up being cut and a completely different ending was shot. That alternate ending is on the dvd – but all you can see is the top of my tent…