Working outside the box

BoxMy childhood best friend and her family (from my home town of Sparta, WI) recently came to stay for the weekend. The boys always paint in my studio when they come to visit…they told me I should do something different so I picked up this cut end of a cardboard box and started painting away making use of all 3 sides of the box…fun! That’s Rocky their Chinchilla on the right, as they described him to me. Here are some of their fabulous paintings…one is still a work in progress to be finished at the next visit.Boyswork

Before the lights went off…





Theme =



BoardsIt was a beautiful day in Chicago – I swept out the garage and primed boards to be cut for future paintings. I love it, our old garage on Oakley was leaky and falling apart, this is twice as big with a high ceiling and only a few years old. I’m still making peace with my new basement studio, perhaps I’ll take refuge in the garage for part of the summer or at least work on some larger paintings out there. Just good to work in daylight and have fresh air circulating through…and Alice, happy as a clam, keeping watch over her kindgom in the backyard.


DreamlandIllustration Friday Theme = Green
I created this painting a few years back after a dream in which I was back home in Wisconsin (where I grew up) driving on
beautiful hilly country back roads, the sunlight was streaming through
the trees making everything a golden green. It was perfect, until the road I was driving on went completely vertical on me…at which point, terrified, I woke up!

New Ebay Auction Art…

These brand new paintings are available on Ebay right now…very reasonable beginning bids, and the 2nd one is just over 3 feet tall. Click to visit the auctions.

When I really want something on ebay I use, it allows you to set your maximum bid but does not place your bid until the closing minutes of the auction. This way you avoid emotional bidding, keep on budget and don’t have to be around when the auction ends…and it’s a free service for the first 15 days!

A Fun T-Shirt Design!

Picture_10Camp Dogwood asked me to do their logo several years back and recently we hooked up again. I just finished this t-shirt design for their 2007 camps. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s kind of fun to break out of my boxy compositions for a change. I started with a very rough drawing in my sketchbook which I scanned and then used my fabulous new Wacom Cintiq Tablet to finish it, it’s an amazing feeling to draw on the screen.

The Princess and the Pea


Alice – our own, not so little anymore, princess…and her snoozing pal, IZzy.


ManimalI’m starting a series of paintings based on imagery I have created in clay at Lill Street. This 16×20 painting is from a small sgraffito tile I blogged about last year, called Human Beast.I prefer the tile over this painting but it did make for an interesting translation.