11 Acres

101_2802101_2805 101_2807 It can’t get much bigger than this…What a week I’ve had here in rural Illinois at the Fields Project. I will detail more about how we created this field sculpture in a later post, but let me just say this was a community effort, a lot of hard work, 2 full days in the hot sun in the field gridding out this design with flags then mowing the design. I was one of 3 women and a student who did designs, I’ll show the others when I have photos and more time to post. I’m running back out to the country to paint, only a day and a half left before our art fair on Sunday and then back to the city…with the most amazing memories and greater appreciation for the land, the farmer, this special community around Oregon, Illinois and art making!

"This 11 acre field sculpture, by Chicago artist Anne Leuck Feldhaus, was created to encourage people to adopt from their local animal shelters and rescue groups."

View my Flickr Photo Journal of the making of this sculpture!



Smokey_3I just received the sad news that the star of one of my pet portraits, Smokey, has gone on ahead. I had so much fun making his painting, he was a wonderful joyful subject. He lived 12 happy years, and his owner sent me a very sweet tribute to him in which she details his antics which include: ‘burying a turkey carcass in the couch and getting up on the kitchen table and standing there for no apparent reason’. She asked that we all ‘do something silly that makes you deliriously happy’ in his memory today. And I will.

I try so hard not to worry about my 13 year old Izzy and instead cherish each day I have with her. She is the reason I started painting dogs, the cornerstone of my art business, the one who really opened my eyes to all the other homeless pets out there that need adoption, and my 4 legged soul mate – I can only guess that the love I have for her is equal to the unconditional love a parent has for their child. It’s hard for me to leave her behind as I embark on 2 and a half weeks of traveling… I know  she will be in good hands and that crazy Alice will keep her busy while I am gone. I sure do love my pups.

New Postcards…

There are benefits of doing your own graphic design but the curse is that you spend way too much time tweaking and changing and deliberating on the final piece. And of course as usual, I left this task to 3 days before leaving for my 8 day artist residency at the Fields Project and a road trip the following week to Colorado for a family reunion at the YMCA of the Rockies. Rich chose the final design, we went with the upper left one. I placed my order late last night so they get printed and mailed before the July 13-15 Magnificent Mile Art Fair. I use GotPrint.com for my printing and my mailing. Their prices are great and the quality superb. Other companies I use are PSPrint.com (for bookmarks and stickers) and ClubFlyers.com (for high quantity – minimum order is 5000 cards but for the incredible price of $150). Phew…okay, now on to the next 25 things on my to do (in the next 48 hours) list!


SuitIllustration Friday Theme = Suit
This was a page from my sketch book last year – I like to do a little visual wardrobe planning (or wishing) before I take a trip. I think I was mentally ‘suit-ing’ up for my trip to New York for the 2006 Licensing Show. Sadly, I don’t wear the cute fancy high heel shoes or the pointy ones, I have very large, serious feet that insist on practical, comfortable footwear!

Recent works in clay…

Acupuncture72Birdeyetile72 We had our final spring class at Lill Street on Monday night, so I brought home some new pieces. These are both carved terra cotta tiles painted with slips and underglazes. The foot (created after my first accupuncture treatment earlier this spring) is about 2.5"x6" and the squarish tile is 2.75"x3"…an image that surfaced during a conversation with my friend Erica about a dream she had involving a crow. I have some interesting 3d pieces as well but still need to photograph them. This clay journey never ends, I’m constantly learning new things and am often surprised with what comes out of the kiln. I will miss the great people I have had the honor of working with in Corinne Peterson‘s class: "Dreams, Myths & Stories" over the last 12 weeks. I’ll start up again in the fall, her class has been inspiring me for many years now as do the other students who take it.  

I got the call…Wells Street this Weekend.

I have been wait listed for the Wells Street Art Fair for the last 4 years (after cancelling in 2003 to go to the Fields Project). It was always one of my best shows of the season, so I was very happy today to get the call that I am in! My booth number is #285, I will be on Wells Street between Goethe & Evergreen. Yay! This show runs concurrently with The Old Town Art Fair (a few blocks northwest of Wells Street) where you can see the work of several other artist friends of mine: Deb LeAir, Dolan Geiman and Judy Zeddies.

57th Street




I had my first outdoor art fair of the season over the weekend at the 57th Street Community Art Fair.
I finished several paintings in a mad rush on Friday prior to packing
up the truck. I am a master procrastinator. I love starting new paintings, but the best chance for me to finish them seems to
be a deadline, a commission pick-up or looming show date. The hard part is that it’s not just finishing the painting, then it needs to be varnished, titled, labeled, inventoried, hanging hardware attached and packed. On these occasions I dub myself "SuperAnne", as I am able to accomplish a weeks worth of work in a day or two. My studio looks like a disaster area as all of this activity ensues, and usually remain this way until I have a client visit.

It was very hot and humid but sales were very good on Saturday and we actually lucked out with the weather as it rained a lot in some parts of the city. I met some wonderful new customers and heard a lot of great dog and cat stories as I always do at these shows. Two women I spoke with are very involved with Greyhound rescue and told me about GreyhoundsOnly.com – they help find homes for retired and injured racing dogs. These are the kind of groups that I really want to help, I would love to design fund raising posters or tshirts for them to sell. Also met some wonderful artists – check out this great leather and metal jewelry by Molly Bitters. And more press, I was interviewed by the City of Chicago’s Streetside Studio, at some point this will video should be viewable online.


Hyde Park is very beautiful as is the drive down on Lakeshore Drive – strange to see it from the truck as only one week ago we were out there on our bicycles during Bike the Drive. We only live about 3 miles west of Lake Michigan yet rarely seem to get over there – it’s so beautiful and big sky and water and green space…every time I’m there I vow to visit the lake at least once a week, and of course several usually go by before I find my way back.

I’m now trying to catch up on all the email and paper work that a show brings with it.