MoonIllustration Friday Theme = Moon
This is one of my "Night Flyer" paintings,inspired by dreams of flying. Have not done one of these in a while, not since moving from Bucktown, where the neighborhood and architecture also inspired these images. It’s also been quite some time since I’ve had a flying dream – they are amazing. The last one that I can remember, I was flying around inside a room and could use my feet to springboard off the walls and sail into the air bouncing off the other walls. I would still love to do an illustrated book of people’s flying dreams some day. I have submissions from dreamers in many locations including Australia. My favorite was from a local Chicagoan who told me that when she flew she had to watch out for power lines – then went on to share that she worked for ComEd for 20 years!

The Art of Shoes and more…

WeekendIs it art? Rich did his bi-annual Chuck Taylor wash over the weekend…I watched him arrange these on the railing to dry, looks like art to me. After this, I met him in the garage where we were long overdue to clean, organize and go through the boxes still sitting there from our move 9 months ago. A good portion of them were all the ceramic figures I made at Lill Street back in the 90’s and a few bronze pieces I made in college. Most of the clay figures are missing fingers and have various other cracks and imperfections but I’m not quite ready to part with them. Rich wants me to plant them in the garden or around the yard, for now I was able to put the majority of them on a bookshelf in the garage…Oh, I did put two in the yard..I’ll post those at a later date. Izzy & Alice snoozed in the summer breeze on the deck all afternoon.101_3449

Ladies Who Lunch…

101_3416_2A gorgeous day and a lovely lunch spent with some wonderful gals (not to mention amazing artists) to say good bye to my good friend Erica Jane Huntzinger…who is moving to rural Wisconsin in August. Corinne Peterson & Cathi Bouzide joined us…on the menu: Crab Quiche, a Blueberry, Blue Cheese & Pine Nut Salad, Veggies, Ice Tea, Candy Necklaces and Brownies (with an ‘E’ for Erica)!

Erica brought each of us a sweet little hand made felt and yarn heart necklace with our initials on them.

I’m getting better at this entertaining thing but I still get in a tizzy beforehand, I figure the more I do it the more comfortable I’ll become…so come on over! Oh, but you do have to deal with Alice. You have to give her a little time to calm down, she is a lot to take when you first come in the door. I feel like a bad mother who cannot control her child.

Other bonus of entertaining: THE HOUSE IS CLEAN!

Just shipped these Weimaraners…

TrinitystriderjpgI just finished and shipped this commissioned portrait of Trinity & Strider to a wonderful new customer in Park City, Utah …thanks Jill, and Happy Birthday!

These two beautiful Weimaraners were fun to paint and I love the composition and color scheme.

We just packed up the truck for this weekend’s Magnificent Mile Art Fair held in the courtyard area between the Chicago Tribune and the Equitable Building on Michigan Avenue. I love it because it’s like doing an out of town show without having to travel, most of my sales are too people visiting Chicago from all over the U.S. and the world. Last year I shipped a painting to Greece. The other cool thing is I used to work up on the 23rd floor of the Equitable Building at Smith Bucklin & Associates as a convention & meeting planner. I was there for six years (in the early 90’s) plotting my dreams to be a full time artist. It was good training for running my own business – I worked on a number of interesting accounts from "The Society of Thoracic Surgeons" (heart surgeons)  to "The American Ladder Institute" (yes, ladder manufacturers).

What I did on my summer vacation…

I feel a little like school has started again as I try to organize all I have to do since returning from one of the most memorable summer vacations of my life!
‘Beehive Barn’ – my favorite creation from the Fields Project (see more here), with the exception of my field sculpture. This barn was inspired by a photo I took on
Daysville Road between Franklin Grove and Amboy (my daily route to and from the farm I stayed at). I’m going to put together a flickr photo journal of my fields project experience much like this excellent one created by my wonderful and witty friend Laura Nugent… I’ve got my July Newsletter to write, several pet portrait commissions to finish, the 3 day Magnificent Mile Art Fair this weekend, new paintings to add to my website, Illinois sales taxes to file and some serious design work for a pending licensing deal. I would really love some help but delegation does not come naturally to me…it would really take the right person. How do you find that person? How do you trust that person? I have been dancing around this topic for the last 5 years or so…and with my now divided work space I don’t see it happening any time soon; unless, of course, the right person presents his or herself to me. I am officially putting out a request to the universe…

The second half of my vacation was a good old fashioned road trip via I-80
to the YMCA of the Rockies in Colorado for Rich’s family reunion. We saw all the expected road side attractions, complete with gargantuan gorilla daring people to buy some fireworks.

In addition to the astounding beauty, it was so great to see all of our nieces & nephews and other family as well as participate in a nocturnal hike, archery and a good old fashioned campfire sing along. Thanks to Ruth & Ray for this unique and memorable event!

After all is said and done, it is always wonderful to come home to our beloved pups – we our really lucky to have a great pet sitter from Urban Tailz, thanks Ben!