Folk Art HEAVEN…

Picture_18 Picture_10_3
Returned from Alabama last week – the Kentuck Art Fair was a gem, like no other show I’ve ever done. My first thought upon entering the park was "I’VE DIED AND GONE TO FOLK ART HEAVEN". I was very inspired and moved by all the visionary art work and wonderful artists that I met (first photo William Scrip‘s amazing sculptures, Robert Seven‘s art and booth, and one of my wonderful neighbors).

Picture_4_3Gabriel Shaffer has a wonderful photo album on his flickr site capturing some the most memorable artists from this show. I had the honor of meeting his mother, Cher Shaffer (a highly collected visionary artist) from whom I purchased this fabulous painting of her cat, Yoda…also got some other nice treasures from Mark Orr (the perfect art fair neighbor), Jim Shores and Kim Young.

My dear husband did all the driving so I was free to read and look out the window and dream, I also did a lot of drawing in my sketchbook. I have some great new images for future road trip / map paintings…scroll down to see them:

Picture_13 Picture_17

Pokey Alice


As I worked in the clay last night this happy dog emerged and that’s my Alice – not a care in the world (unless of course the doorbell rings but we’ll keep this a positive post!). I’ve made a few ceramic dogs now and I’ve come up with a way of doing doing their legs that is very reminiscent of Gumby’s. I had to google, his dog pokey had peg-like legs.  Images_2 Back to work…I’m painting like a crazy lady trying to get my inventory up to take to the Kentuck Art Fair in Alabama on Thursday…I might have to hijack a few of my paintings from the Starbucks exhibition. Looking forward to getting on the road, I hope to do lots of sketching for some future roadtrip/map paintings. Happy trails…


Live from my sketchbook…


I’m trying to better utilize the hundreds of images in my sketchbooks,
this was a randomly selected page. I think the cat in the sketch
looks more interesting, kind of human…but I’m happy with the
painting too. Think I can challenge myself to do one of these a
week? It’s always fun to go back and visit all those pages and
see what was going through my head at the time…

Same time last year…

I started this painting last year after we had accepted
an offer on the sale of our old house. I knew they
were going to tear it down, I was not quite ready to
let it go…or finish the painting. It’s back on my easel,
we’ll see how it goes this time… Picture_17



Illustration Friday Word = OPEN
On this day recorded in my sketchbook, I OPENed
myself up to try new things…
and by posting it here, I leave myself open for possible
ridicule…go ahead laugh, or send me your inquiries!

Adopt A Pet In The Park…


I donated the design of this Ad for Chicago Animal Care & Control‘s upcoming pet adoption event in Lincoln Park on October 14th. The full design has a lot more text etc. I made this one for postcards and another for possible t-shirt printing. Watch for it in an upcoming issue of the Chicago Reader. I hope it brings lots of people out for the event so more of Chicago’s homeless pets find good homes.