Free Pass to the One Of a Kind Show!

Things are very busy here as we prep for the One of a  Kind Show & Sale at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago next week. Stay tuned to see some of our ‘gift package’ items and specials!

In the mean time click here to get your own FREE PASS to the One of a Kind Show. The entry fee is $10 so this is a great value. With the money you save you could come by and purchase 2 note pads from me! : )  or give back by supporting another artist at the show with your gift purchase.

Okay…back to work, the Pet Portrait gift orders are pouring as it’s my deadline date of November 30th for guaranteed Holiday Delivery!

Dog Art Today…yesterday

Moira McLaughlin (artist & blogger) featured my art work on her blog yesterday, it’s called Dog Art Today. Her blog showcases daily dog art from around the world, pretty cool. It includes features on contemporary dog art, the history of dogs in art, dog
art auctions, books, posters, fashion and decor. Check out her custom dog collages and read her interesting biography…(she used to be Kevin Costner’s assistant). Thanks for the press Moira!

Recent Commissions…

This was the final sketch for a commission painting I’ve been working on which will be 24×24. These clients are wonderful customers both the (adult) kids and their parents collect my work. They gave this to their parents for their 60th Birthdays both being celebrated this year. I love doing these, it’s a lot of fun helping people come up with symbolism for shared interests and history. My favorite is the "lefties" square..

I  should mention that I swore off painting children a few years back but made an exception for their adorable grand kids + they really get my work and I knew they would not have unrealistic (or should I say realistic) expectations.

Autumn…I can see clearly now

The screen is gone and a whole new world has opened up out my kitchen window. Alice & Izzy prepare for winter hibernation.Picture_7_2

Art Girls…

1Last night I hosted our monthly Art Girls get together…it was "Pot Leuck" I made my Mother’s great Seafood Lasagna.  As usual..I forgot to get out the camera until everyone was on their way out. We had a great time and shared lots of good information. It’s inspiring to trade leads and resources and hear eachother’s news, big commissions & sales, new venues etc. On resource we’ll all be checking out soon from  Kathy Frey is the Women’s Business Development Center, they offer seminars with business counseling included in the fee. I also shared about my favorite art/client/exhibit database management software Eartist – from As usual the food contributed by all made for an amazing meal from the appetizer to the desserts….and yes there is still plenty of talk about doing our own cookbook! Girls in the photos Match, Kathy, Mimi, Kate & Eva sporting their flower child candy bracelet head bands! And Sharon & Match…2_2

Free Rice

Picture_2Now in addition to, I have a new diversion…Rich just told me about Free Rice, it’s a vocabulary game…and for every word you get right 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations to help end world hunger….I donated 610 grains today, and I don’t feel guilty!

Happy Art Opening…

Picture_10 Picture_20 Picture_11Wrapping up the night….I never remember to take photos until we’re packing up to go! The Opening was a lot of fun, good friends and good conversation…not to mention the Corn Cakes with Red Pepper Sauce, I’m searching for the recipe…

Illustration Friday – HAT

Hat_5Illustration Friday = Hat
I guess this is more of a crown/head-dress but it covers the head. This is a digitally enhanced 2002 drawing from sketchbook.

Feast Your Eyes!

Last week with the assistance of my fabulous helper, Kate, we hung 23 paintings (some brand new!) at the Wishbone on Lincoln. It looks great, but I forgot to bring the camera so you’ll have to come to the opening on Thursday to see for yourself…or stay tuned for post reception shots. They do a great job providing wine and offering up some good eats featuring southern reconstruction cooking. Our favorites are the Seafood Chowder, Lousiana Chicken Salad and the Chocolate Pecan Pie!


Rich planted 2 small tomato plants late in the summer, they are suddenly producing like crazy…in November! It was supposed to freeze the other night so he plucked them, they’ll have to redden up in the sun during the day. We still have not been below 32 degrees here in Chicago.

We went for an unplanned 20+ mile bike ride today….It was gorgeous riding through the forest preserves on the northwest side of the city. All golden yellow and orange with the sun filtering through and crunchy leaves on the ground. It felt great at the time….but I’m really stiff now. Can’t wait to paint tomorrow…I started some large (36×48) canvases from my Alabama road trip sketches: Picture_11_4