Artists Found on FLickr

Picture_16_2I just found another wonderful artist..this time on Flickr. This ceramic piece "large head with avocado" is by Kim Murton of Washington state. She also has great illustrations and 2d work on her Flickr site. I found her on a flickr group…yes, I’m finding that all these sites have multi-layered networking capabilities.

It’s one thing to know there are many talented artists out there but now with sites like etsy and flickr you suddenlty realize you have no clue…you are just skimming a little corner of an endless, awesome pool of amazing talent, creativity and cleverness. And those are just the sites I’m referencing…there are a gazillion others that I
don’t even know about as well as all the amazing illustration artist sites (but that’s a whole other post). Here are some I know about and a few I belong to:
Fine Art America

Do you have any favorites that you would like to share?

Art Girls Pot Leuck April 2008


Last Wednesday I hosted the monthly Art Girls Pot Luck or Leuck as I call it when it’s at my house. It was a lovely evening with great food and fun conversation. Picture_10_2It was also Mary Laskey’s birthday which we celebrated with a yummy cake brought by Eva May from the Swedish Bakery! (yes that’s silly Eva with her tongue out!)

See more photos from the party on my flickr page.



Old Izzerloo getting love from art girls Eva & Stephi, my dear friend who owns the delightful and delectable Angel Food Bakery.

Red + Pink


I had to get a picture of Kate in her pink and red outfit with Dot (the handmade/hand stitched character I made that one day you will see in a book!)…they match pefectly! Art work on the left …kitty cat "Yoda" by outsider artist Cher Shaffer and a piece from art girl pal Mimi Damrauer’s Bulls Eye series.

Banner Art for my Blog..Finally!

Putting a custom banner with my artwork has been on my to do list for a long time…although I kind of liked the clean simplicity of just the sold blue banner with
white text.
But then I always felt pressure to have an image of my work
visible in my posts so people could see my work/know that I am an know, I’m always wearing that marketing hat!

So aside from that, I’ve procrastinated for the usual reasons:

*Didn’t know how to do it, Kathy Frey emailed me some pointers back in February

*Wouldn’t take the time to investigate further, until today.

*I found myself upgrading my account because the buttons Kathy told me to look for were not there! No wonder I couldn’t figure it out before (I’ve been blogging since November of 2005!)

*Couldn’t decide on the design, what imagery to include, text etc.

So this is it for now..until I come up with something better. Which I will…but now I have to also design all the other things that normally come with a pre-designed template, text color, link colors, borders…too much for today. I’m also thinking of having 2 columns on either side as well, any opinions out there? For now I’m just going to cross that "blog banner art" item off my to do list and be glad! 

PS I also updated my menu bar on my website…more white: cleaner…do you like it better than the old one? see below.


this was the old menu bar…dark and I thought I should refresh the logo image.


My New Friend Lynda!

I just made a great new friend and she’s really SMART!  For $25 a month gives you full access to online training for almost any application out there. I am self taught on 99% of the software that I use, making things really complicated at times. I heard about this site quite awhile ago and realized how silly it was to put off signing up. What I learned today alone will cover my $25 for the month, I finally figured out how to make downloadable pdf files for my Pet Portrait Order Forms in Adobe GoLive. Yay! The teachers are very thorough and even make a few jokes along the way. I can’t wait to explore and solve some of my problems with Illustrator and Photoshop and to add Forms to my website on GoLive. Learning is so much fun when you have a good teacher! And you only pay for what you need, I can just unsubscribe at the end of the month if I’ve had all my questions answered. Pretty cool.


My normally productive procrastination has gone to the wayside. I am addicted to etsy‘s POUNCE search feature. You can click and see all the most recently sold items…the hot list! Etsy is this amazing never ending cornucopia of beautiful handmade items and art and shops to explore. Here are a few of my most recent favorite items (in case anyone wants to buy me a gift!):

Murphy & Dudley Digital Sketch


In case you all think I’ve stopped painting I thought I would mention that I am working on several commissions. Most are in the sketch stage but this is the one I’m about to paint. My customer is Stacy of ZuZu Petals, they design adorable invitations, stationery and note pads. This is going to be a happy memory painting of her family’s beloved hounds Murphy & Dudley. Dudley used to smile with all his teeth…It’s a fun composition and I love the colors she chose. If you are interested in a Pet Portrait please visit my website! you can also see examples on my Pet Portrait Blog.

Here’s a peak at her the ZuZu Petals website:

Cougar brings Helicopters…

On Monday night as I pedaled my bike up to the Lill Street Art Center I noticed 2 helicopters hovering stationary over the same spot in Roscoe Village for quite awhile. Had no idea what was going on but thought, hmm…maybe I'll make a helicopter tonight! Once I got to class Natalie…(shown below with her big round carved platter ..detailing her recent 4 month trip to Asia) told us that the police had warned her to go home (she was out walking her dogs) because there was a cougar loose in the neighborhood. We found out the next day that they did find the big kitty and sadly, they shot him. So this is my attempt at the copter…I'm showing it upside down because that's how I had to build it…it's very
fisher price, we'll see if it's still intact and made it through the
week drying. Added upright photo above 5.27.08.Picture_30
Shad with his cool turtle and our wonderful teacher Corinne Peterson. This is the Dreams, Myths and Stories Class that I have been taking off & on over the last 14+ years…where has the time gone?!Picture_22
This is Haleh busy carving and a close up of her fish inspired piece….

And Corinne's earthy hand carved see pods:


and Jennifer wasn't there, but that's our wonderful little class this session, and here's an example of her amazing work:


My Gardener Hard at Work…

I may have mentioned before that I had hopes of my thumbs turning green. My Mother is amazing with plants and flowers, I was hoping that gene would show itself by now…nope. Lucky for me my wonderful husband has suddenly turned into an urban farmer. Rich started all these plants from seed weeks ago and today started his garden in our yard. He had to move all my ‘garden art’ …some rebar sculptures I made in college and that’s one of my clay figures from the 90’s – she looks very excited about the chives…I do get credit for those, they came from Mom’s garden last year. They sat in a bag for 2 weeks before I put them in the ground…hearty little greens aren’t they? This bird was hanging out with Rich, anyone know what kind he is? Hope these plants don’t get to chilly tonight! It’s supposed to be in the 70’s mid week…

Truck of the week…

This is my "container" truck…I decided to try for a functional piece. We’ll see
how the lid works once it’s dry. You can see more photos on my flickr site.