Crunch Time...

Picture 17
Phew…after we loaded the truck, I came in and finished 2 more paintings…this is a close up of a tiny portion of one of them. We hit the road tomorrow morning for the Prairie Village Art Fair this weekend in Kansas City. I’ve been in SUPER ANNE mode which is neccessary to produce my Newsletter before heading out of town and pull everything together for the first show of the season: (getting my booth display and equipment all back together, packing
paintings, figuring out what stays and what goes and how to hang it.
Making price tags, getting portfolios, credit card machine, receipt
books, mailing list, bags, weights, and my brand new front Awning  for
my Tent….woo hoo: additional shade!). 

It’s almost a relief to just focus on one part of my business for a week….I’ve always felt that if I just chose one direction I could be really successful (and probably more sane) but for some reason I feel the need to be involved in all these different facets of art: the Art Fairs, Pet Portraits, Illustration, Licensing, Wholesale, my Design work for Animal Welfare Groups…did I forget anything? Some day I would love to have a business manager that facilitates all that ‘stuff’ so I could just do the creative part…know anyone like that?

Picture 20

Also edited and uploaded another video clip – this one is of me painting a recent pet portrait of Dudley & Murphy (above) for Stacy of ZuZuPetals. You can watch it on my Pet Portrait Blog
It’s actually easier to upload video to Blogger than to Typepad…go figure.

Thursday in the studio…live

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been using Gawker to capture my live painting sessions in the studio….the hard part is the editing with imovie and then getting all of that to show up here, Typepad had good instructions. Kate and Rich and of course have both taught me a lot…I’m using to host the video. So here goes the first one:
Music: “Run On” by Moby from Play:The B Sides

Trip #2...

Picture 3We had a nice litle trip to Milwaukee…we ate at a few of our old favorite places, toured the neighborhoods that Rich lived in and visited the Milwaukee Art Museum where I was very inspired by the works of:John Wilde, Alan Davie, Milton Avery (painting below), Edgar Tolson (sculpture below) and Gabriele Munter.


Top photo…sketching on the drive up on Sunday, you’ll notice this is one of those sketch book pages that has to span 3 days..that’s what happens when I get behind. Snapshots from the trip below:  Conejito’s Place where they serve your enchiladas on a paper plate…no muss no fuss. Tasted just like I remembered and I don’t think they’ve raised the price in the last 17 years.

Picture 6  
Picture 5
Sorry to mix the food with the art, Typepad has me using a new beta site that is making it very tricky to layout the images with the text. Have to see if  I can get my old  format back.3cm429

Picture 9
That’s Rich in front of Sydney HiH…the building where we met. His band the Psycho Bunnies had a practice space (where he was living very primitively!) and they often played in a bar in the basement called The Unicorn. It looks like Sydney Hih’s days are now numbered. Other treats…Kopps Frozen Custard…Butter Pecan..mmmm. These cows overlook the parking lot. A fun little get away..I’ve been playing serious catch-up after excursions 2 weeks in a row. Suddenly my show in Kansas City is only a week away! It will be a working weekend for me…but I’m looking forward to it! 

Picture 13


We Did…10 Years Ago Today

On a Tuesday morning, 10 Years ago today Rich & I got married on the shore of Lake Michigan by Reverend Lee, who we found in the Yellow Pages.  This was our fun little announcement that we made from photo booth was an elopement. We have been together since meeting in January of 1991 in Milwaukee. I cannot tell you where the last 17+ years have gone, it’s been like a blink of an eye. So we are off to Milwaukee for a long over do little overnight visit to celebrate this 10th Anniversary. Big Love to You Baby…I wouldn’t be living this big wonderful art life without you, your never ending support and voice of reason!

Kohler Art Adventure…

On Monday I took this first of many trips I will be taking in the next 5-6 months if you include all the art fairs. I often feel like a shut-in working from my home studio but suddenly the season changes and my world opens up. I love a road trip…especially when someone else is driving!

My first adventure was earlier this week when I took a long overdue trip up to the Sheboygan/Kohler/Manitowoc area to visit my dear friend Erica Huntzinger.Picture_5_2 She works as a teacher at the the wonderful John Michael Kohler Art Center and has also recently become involved in their Arts Industry Program which brings artists to the Kohler Factory for residencies. I love this museum, it is just the right size and they show such an eclectic mix of artists. The wonderful surprise here is all the bathrooms, each designed by a different resident artist. The Women’s Room shown above has all these exquisite corpse tiles and each sink and toilet bowl is also adorned with art. 

Photo on the left Erica & Daniel choosing the spot to plant a new tree. Daniel is an arborist among his many other talents!

After our tour we lunched at the yummy Field to Fork, hiked around their home in rural Cleveland, WI.
(that used to be a cheese factory!) and had a lovely bonfire that night. The photo below is a peek at the cheese factory from over the hill:

On Tuesday morning we took an extensive 3 hour tour of the Kohler Factory. It was amazing, unfortunately cameras were not allowed so all I have is a photo from I encourage you to take the tour if you get the chance. Our guide, Joe, was was fantastic. He worked there his whole life, and has been a tour guide for the last 20 years in his retirement. We were able to also take a peek at what the resident artists were working on, they have the opportunity to work in the Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and Enamel Shop. Kohler_factory_banner

After the tour we had the most amazing brunch at Whispering Orchards….1674547079_0aeb7639e01_2

Strawberry Ruhbarb French Toast!
Fed the goats and mules then later hiked down to Lake Michigan and collected lots of great rocks.



Then visited Daniel at the Cleveland Post Office…a really sweet small town place where the postage has also gone up only one cent. Of course they were out of one cent stamps!


Finished up with a tour of the area, saw lots of great birds, a yellow finch and this is a red winged blackbird on the sign. I had not seen one since doing my field sculpture last summmer.

It was a wonderful little get-away…now back to real life: Trying to catch up in the studio!Picture_10

Learned Something New…!

I signed up at the last minute and took a Silk Screen Class at the Needle Shop in Bucktown on Sunday. I scrambled to find some images and something to print on. The class was only 4 hours so I really only had time to make my screens and about 3 prints. I did purchased some ink and a squeegee so I can practice at home. The most difficult thing to me about this process (so far) is working in the dark to get the image on the screen (can you tell I’ve never taken a photography class?)…the small amount of light you do get is red. Our teacher, Tiffany Paige said that Chicago Silk Screen is a great resource for all supplies and they even burn screens from your files if need be.
These are the screens I made and the one below the shirt I printed on. I’d like to try incorporating silk
screen into my painting process so I can apply to shows in the mixed
media category…a lot fewer people apply in mixed media than
painting. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about the first of many upcoming trips I’ll be taking over the next few months.


KC …my afternoon at the easel

We head to Kansas City at the end of this month to do the Prairie Village Art Show. I was very happy to be one of the 90 artists selected from over 600 that applied. In conjunction with my new road trip series of paintings I also want to create similar works that encompass  places & landmarks of specific cities and neighborhoods (stay tuned for Chicago neighborhoods this summer!). Talented artist & my good friend Laura Nugent (who resides in KC and will also be exhibiting at the show) supplied me with a list of such items and with the added help of google images for reference I created this composition. I even taped it’s creation with a webcam but you’ll have to wait on that as I’m still challenged when it comes to editing. And of course I must finish this painting, (which I am confident I will do soon) now that I have this ability to document it. Curious? I’m using Gawker.

Proposed Orphan Works Bill

We (artists, illustrators, photographers, designers) need your help!

There is a bill in the senate called The Orphan Works Act of 2008. It will endanger the rights of anyone who creates intellectual property.

It will expose your art to commercial infringement. It will include work from professional paintings to family snapshots. It will include published and unpublished work. It will include any image that resides or has ever resided on the internet. It will force you to register every picture you do with privately-held commercial registries. It will make all unregistered works potential orphans.

This radical change to U.S. copyright law will shift the burden of diligence from infringer’s to rights holders. It is wrong to give infringer’s the right to make money from your property without your knowledge or consent. You should not have to pay businessmen to keep the work you’ve created.The Illustrators Partnership of America has made it very easy for you to contact your representatives.

Take Action: Don’t Let Congress Orphan Our Work

2 minutes is all it takes, click to write Congress and protect your copyright:

Just click "Take Action" under each bullet and you can quickly make your voice heard. I just sent to all the links and it really takes very little time. PLEASE take a moment and do the same.

Joanne Fink gives a very good description here of what art licensing is and what this bill will do to artists who make a living from licensing and selling their work: illustrators, designers, artists.

My Fleet of Trucks and a Bus!




Amazingly, the trucks are all close to the same scale even though I made them independent of one another. The bus below is another story…it’s way bigger than the trucks – of course it will shrink a bit when it goes through the bisque firing. It’s a strange bus, I had 3 different images in my head and I kind of morphed them altogether in the clay.


Now I have lots of glazing to do…that’s the hard part! It’s not like
painting with acrylics. Many coats are needed to get the saturation
that I like and even then the underglazes can do strange things in the
kiln. Stay tuned!


Bullseye II

Bullseye II…30"x30". This recently completed painting chronicles the pain of my typical migraine headache. My pain is generally targeted behind one eye. I developed the sketch for this one back in 2003 for an annual migraine art contest the National Headache Foundation used to sponsor and finally got around to painting it full size. The NHF gave me a merit award for Bulls Eye I, and you can see a few more of my migraine paintings here. Belowblade70dpi_2

And this one: "Below the Blade" is also migraine related. That little circular saw blade over her neck signify’s wanting to chop my head off…a lot of pain and stiffness radiates through my neck & shoulders during these headaches too. I feel very fortunate that over the years I have found medication and a combination of things that make them much more manageable for me. The sketch for this one was not as happy go lucky as this painting appears!