Minneapolis Uptown Art Fair this Weekend…

Picture 41


Illustration Friday Word:  CANNED

Picture 11

Have not particpated in IF for weeks..months! I drew this in my sketchbook, scanned and added some digital baby blue. Another fun way to productively procrastinate!

Art Re-Treat

Back from an amazing art retreat weekend in rural Wisconsin with Rachel and Erica ..and remotely our dear friend Lois Keller

Rachel started this amazing new series of paintings and created several lovely water colors…

Picture 33

Erica pulled this one out of her hat…this large piece consists of 10 separate panels:

Picture 29

Lois shipped us a box of treasures, included for each of us was a lovely drawing (this is the one she sent for me) with sentiments and her wishes for each of us and our creative lives for 2008.

Picture 40

And these are some of my pieces – I did paintings on cardboard:
Picture 32

These 3 women have impacted my life and art in so many ways, we have a very magical connection that has only strengthened over the last 7+ years. I’d love to share more as so many wonderful things transpired…but I’ll just have to leave you with these snippets since I’m scrambling to get myself and things together before I leave Wednesday
for my trip up to Minneapolis for the Uptown Art Fair. Not an easy
thing since I’ve had a non-stop whirl wind of fun, adventure and travel over the last few weeks. I feel so lucky to be taking all these trips and for the chance to reconnect with so many wonderful friends and family.

From the archives…Still Life With Pears.

Picture 30

At a recent art fair I ran into some lovely customers that I have not seen in quite awhile. This is a commissioned painting that I created for them back in 2004: “Still LIfe With Pears”. I started drawing still life compositions at an art retreat with my friends Erica Huntzinger and Rachel Weaver-Rivera in 2001…that was the start of a whole series of new work. Tomorrow I head up to WI for another long over due art retreat weekend with them. It’s exciting to know that some other new theme may develop on this trip so many years later…

Back from paradise

Rich and I took a long weekend trip out to see my brother and his wife in Washington State at their beautiful lakeside cabin in the mountains. We had a great time: lots of relaxation, amazing food and kayaking…!  Picture 11

My two favorite guys…next to my new favorite lake: Wenatchee
Picture 14

Rich found this fossilized rock on the beach…
Picture 32

I’m a big fan of the duo impromptu self shot photo…my brother Carl & I have been taking these for years…we have such a good time together if only we didn’t live so far apart…
Picture 35

of course Rich managed to find the one musical instrument on the premises!  
Picture 24

Kicking back, watching beautiful blue striped dragon flies..little did I know that a short time later I would be a crazy lady caught up in a paddling frenzy trying to escape a swarm of mosquitos!
Picture 33

Happy hiking family…Linda & Carl with my smiling canine nephew, Willy!
 Picture 36
The offerings at the Plain “Farmer” Market…this was a fun joke as there is only one farmer at the Plain Farmer’s Market. We enjoyed these beets and fuschia colored carrots for dinner…served up with a side of goat cheese. Yum. I had never seen carrots of this color before, the farmer said they were “speciated”.

Dogs Rule Art

Picture 14This was the secret project I blogged about the other day…I was asked by Jill  Beninato of www.sitstaysmile.com to be part of a ‘fat book’ called ‘Dogs Rule’. “Fat books” are small books of a certain size that contain pages created by a pre-determined group of artists. They are called fat books because the pages are often embellished with ephemera that make the final book fat when it is bound. Embellishment is optional… Since I was really stretched for time I couldn’t take the risk of trying something new…instead I stuck with what I do best. That’s Alice with my 14 pages…all original paintings on matte board, a lot of work but it was fun! There are 13 other amazing artists who will contribute, we each get a book filled with pages from one another and the 14th one will be auctioned off on ebay with the proceeds going to artist Bernie Berlin‘s charity A Place To Bark please visit her links to find out about the amazing work she is doing to save homeless pets, rehab them and find them homes (she is a remarkable human being and artist). Stay tuned for more info on the auction & finished books!

Magnificent View…

Picture 33
…from the Magnificent Mile – had a wonderful show over the weekend here in Chicago. Met people from all over the world…one of my pieces is on it’s way to a new home in Slovakia! Great weather and wonderful artists all around me. This was the view from behind my booth…that’s the new Trump Tower obstructing the view behind the Wrigley Building (which always was so beautiful to see with it’s white facade against the brilliant blue sky…oh well, maybe Mr. Trump will buy one of my large cityscapes for his new Tower!)

Picture 34I just bought these spiffy new bamboo-ish rugs for my booth at CostPlus…Adds a nice touch…what do you think?

Canine Muses…

Picture 22And you wonder why I paint dogs…this photo is a perfect example.

If you don’t have one (or more)…I encourage you to adopt one as soon as possible. Not only will it make every day of your life that much sweeter but there are a tremendous number of homeless pets waiting in shelters at this very minute. Yesterday alone, Chicago Canine Rescue (Alice’s Guardian Angels) received over 200 requests to take in destitute animals throughout the Midwest. Many are coming from the flood zone, animal hoarder situations, and from Tennessee where the HSUS seized over 700 animals from a puppy mill. They desperately need adopters and foster homes so they can help more dogs. Wherever you are there are animals waiting for homes and you can find them quickly at PetFinder.com. This little gal could be yours, she is waiting for you at Chicago Canine Rescue:

Magnificent Mile Art Festival This Weekend in Chicago!

MagmilethisweekendChicago Tribune Magnificent Mile Art Festival
July 11, 12 & 13, Friday & Saturday 10am-6pm – Sunday 10am-5pm
Visit Us in Booth #59 in Pioneer Court between the Tribune Tower and the NBC Building

secret project…deadline looms

More to be revealed at a later date….
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