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Over the summer I was asked to be a Founding Artist with The site was launched to the public early this month and I sold my first painting last week…I also just joined a site called I thought it would be a good idea to make live links from my website portfolio to these live retail pages. Joining these sites adds to my exposure on-line and makes it easier for customers on my website to buy pieces immediately. So next week, after my last outdoor art fair (this weekend in Louisville, KY) I hope to get more of my inventory listed at and cross linked to these other sites. Looking forward to more on-line sales and sharing my work with potential new customers!

See what’s on my easel….

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I've been thinking a lot about pink and red together lately…and it's been a long time since I've done any still life paintings, if I can call it that – this one was pulled from my imagination.

Finished! 10/01/08

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More Canine Playtime…

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Shy Muse…my little Alice.

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A new studio assistant?!


I hate cleaning brushes and have many in very sad shape. This contraption could be the perfect solution and save me time…not to mention money – it’s actually affordable: The Artist’s BrushMate. Do you think it works?

I’ve been using: Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver for years…it does work and lasts a long time but takes a lot more effort and old rags. I also use their Artist’s Hand Soap, great for removing paint from the painter!

What do you use to clean your brushes? The dilemma of the self taught painter…I’ve learned most of what I do and use by trial and error. But for me that has mostly proven to be a good thing.

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Glazed Trucks…

Regarding perro de clay…in the fall/winter and spring months I take Corinne Peterson's "Dreams, Myths & Stories" class at Lill Street Art Center. We just started up again last week and that's were I made the dog (which has not been fired yet). This class keeps me creatively balanced and, just as important, socialized! You may not know that my art training at UW Madison was in sculpture….(hmmm…suddenly I see future blog posts, it might fun to share some of that early work here). I did not start painting until after graduating and moving to Chicago in the early 90's…oops off topic..back to the clay. Below are the pre-fired glazed trucks from last spring…and below that fired…(note to self NO GLOSS next time. I liked them much better matte):
Picture 26
Picture 29
Kind of cute from behind. See them bisqued, you can see more of my clay work on my flickr page.

Picture 28
This is Haleh, one of my serial* classmates, with all her beautiful test tiles. (*there are a few of us that keep repeating the class over and over…)
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perro de clay

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Before and After the Rain…

Picture 11
Cute farmer Rich harvesting green beans on Thursday before the big rain…they said Chicago received up to 8 inches between Friday and Sunday. We were very lucky: no flooding in our basement. As I mentioned in my previous post the art fair was cancelled at the end of the day Saturday. I took it for granted I'd have this big free and easy day Sunday but instead I was very fatigued from tearing down as I guess I usually am on a Monday after a show…it was very slow going but I got myself together later in the day and tackled the carpet tread project I had been meaning to complete for the last 3 weeks.

 Picture 20

These beautiful wood stairs can be very slick, especially for Izzy (who we still need to carry down). Looks pretty good…just wait, in not time at all they will be covered with Alice's white fur. I'm a crazy lady to have black rugs in my house (with a white dog) but I need them to balance all the color. (Have not yet painted the stairwell or 2nd floor hallway – I'm thinking red…!)
PS By the time I finished treading…the rains subsided.


If only I’d had these fashionable rain boots today! It was a very wet, humid day at the Lakeview East Art Fair…(after a very wet night setting up until 11pm). They canceled the show for tomorrow…high winds and as you can see 12 hours of (soaking!) rain expected. So I get a free day tomorrow and a garage full of dripping wet display panels, tent and bins full of unsold work …c’est la vie! They still had a great reception for us tonight with lots of good food and wine…I’m looking forward to a lazy morning with lots of coffee and the Sunday paper! If you are interested in any paintings on my website let me know..I’m offering rainy day discounts tomorrow.

My Last Chicago Art Festival of the Summer...




Pippin is an Irish Jack Russell Terrier, I just shipped his Portrait to Park City, Utah…He and his family live with Trinity & Strider, 2 adorable Weimaraners that I painted last summer.