My Pumpkin with her pumpkin

Happy Halloween! I'm glad to report that Izzy's biopsy came back negative. We added more drugs to help with the arthritis and she seems so much more comfortable. Thanks to Dr. Gaspar, she is a very sensitive vet who also does acupuncture on dogs and cats. We see her at Roscoe Village Animal Hospital where Izzy also sees Dr. Rovner, he is on the board of Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation and was treating all the fosters when we were first got Alice as a pup…we were very impressed with his attentiveness and knowledge and immediately switched Izzy and Oliver to his office. Of course Alice is the only one who likes going there…! She's the only pet I've ever had that likes to go to the vet, but she is happy anywhere she can get attention.
Picture 3
and Alice too (on the left)…like the upside down head?
Picture 4

A Beautiful Day…

Picture 10
…to Vote! Please if you have the opportunity to vote early, take it. A very chilly but sunny and bright day here in Chicago.This is my very favorite time of year – trying to take it all in and enjoy it while it lasts!
Picture 6

Open Studio Preview…a day late!

Picture 1
The Open Studio Sale was a great success and lots of fun. I think I'm going to take advantage of all my hard work setting it up and have a few Open Studio days in November as well. My next show out of the studio is the One of a Kind Show & Sale December 4-7. I will dismantle a few things so I can continue to work but for the most part things can remain set-up, and it's so nice to work in a tidy environment!

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Setting up shop…

Picture 14

Love these in my baby blue stairwell..(thanks Kate, I miss you!)…Just hung work on every possible surface for my Open Studio Sale on Sunday. I'm exhausted but I do love hanging – it's like putting a puzzle together. Rich is going to work on some indirect lighting for me tomorrow, the flourescent lights create a lot of glare on my varnished pieces. Still need to do some cleaning, pricing etc…lots of sale tags! I found this painting stashed away, circa 1999. I used to try to stretch my own canvas but was never very good at it, this piece ended up a trapezoid and never sold. Maybe I'll offer it as a door prize!

Picture 15
I'll share more photos of my gussied up studio once we finish up tomorrow as well as a blog give away…wow, how weird are her pupils? Maybe that's why it never sold – Sweet dreams!

Freshly Fired!

Here are some fun new pieces that were waiting for me when I got to Lill Street Art Center for my clay class tonight, all intact with the exception of some loose wheels I forgot to glaze for the truck…

Picture 6 

Perro de clay    Terra Cotta with Glaze #9!

Picture 5

Picture 8

"Cee-ment Truck"     Terra Cotta with Undgerglazes
Picture 9

And I'm happy to report I made a new 2 piece sculpture this evening…a sugar bowl!  So perhaps I'll make a companion creamer next week…stay tuned.
Picture 3

The Eight Irresistible Principles…

Picture 3

Check out the Eight Principles of Fun ….it's very inspiring!

Last Week’s Quick Escape to Virginia…

Picture 9

Last week I took a quick little trip to Virginia to visit my Aunt & Uncle, my Mother and her husband were there visiting from WI as well. We had a lovely time, I got to stick my toes into the Atlantic, eat some great seafood…and even meet some sea birds – check out the Sea Gull, he walked right up to our blanket and squawked…I had no idea their mouths were bright orange inside! The sculpture above of Neptune was magnificent (I can't believe I cut the turtles head off in my shot!) it was created by Paul DiPasquale. These photos were taken in Virginia Beach.

Picture 6

Pelicans flying in a perfect horizontal line over the incoming waves…
Picture 10

A beautifully painted home turned retail store in historic Smithfield…I dubbed it the Bee House:
Picture 5

For the first time in my life I saw cotton fields ready for harvest – they were beautiful, I plucked my own little snow ball. We also saw the picking and baling machines at work, unimaginable how hard and back breaking this must have been to do by hand. The peanuts had also just been picked…did you know the plants are pulled out of the ground, left to dry in the sun and then later picked by machines? I didn't even realize they grew under ground. It was an educational trip in many ways!

Picture 4


My Blue Dog at Night Print was featured in this Etsy Treasury!Picture 1

Exclusive Pet Portrait Sale to my Blog readers…

Picture 37
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Picture 9

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Inspiring Artists & Friends from Louisville Show

Picture 12
Meet Loretta Petraitis…posing for the camera! Born and raised in Lithuania, she has been living and selling her paintings in the U.S. since 1996. Our booth's were directly across from one another, I love her industrial urban landscapes and water towers scenes (many inspired by Chicago). We had fun and connected…both in our hats and pig tails, I love meeting and making new friends with people on the art fair circuit.

Picture 14
 Picture 6
This is Ed Brownlee, I love his whimsical ceramics, I purchased a mug from him several years back at a show in ? Chattanooga, I think. I use it for a pencil holder, right next to me on my desk. Ed's colors and characters are wonderful, so joyful, they just make you smile. Here is a link to his Etsy Store
Picture 7
And last but certainly not least! Andrew Johnson … the award winning Stitch Maestro! Andrew does what I have only dreamed of…he makes colorful, whimsical 'paintings' but his are created with thread not paint.
Picture 10