Sunday, Nov. 30th: Open Studio Sale!


Picture 14

Just whipped up this card to go in my new mixed sets of holiday
greeting cards for One of a Kind. Cafe Press only lets you order sets of one design and
people always want mixed so this year I will give the people what they
want! Running out to Xpedx to see if I can find boxes or bags that fit
better than my current stock of clear bags.

Adrenaline is coursing through my body…This always happens, I worry for 3 weeks prior to an event but the mojo always kicks in at the last minute and brings all these other great ideas along with it! The clincher, I only have 'x' amount of time so I can only do so much…and in the middle of my short time to pull it together we are running up to WI to be with my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday (which I am VERY grateful for – but the timing is always tough). I'm just relieved that I'm back in 'super anne' mode, I was getting worried! I sound a little manic depressive don't I?

Wishing you & yours a wonderful holiday filled with lots of laughter and good cheer!

Glaze Experiments…

Picture 8
I'm always trying to use glaze like acrylic paint, this is silly of course and the colors often end up a disappointment to me…so tonight I made 2 test tiles and tried to play with the underglaze and experiment. If these retain the look I want after firing I will go ahead and use the same treatment on my Sugar & Mr.Cream below..
Picture 5
I'm liking the rough sketchy feel of these tiles…
Picture 9

Crazy Smiling Dog + Free Shipping on Etsy!

Picture 4

We've all met a Crazy Smiling Black Dog at one time or another! This is one of my best selling Prints. It's inspired by Sidnee, a very silly Black Lab and member of my host farm family for 2 different years at the Fields Project. This Ready to Hang Print would make a fabulous gift, and you can't go wrong with my new Free Shipping offer!   ***Free Shipping on everything in my Etsy Shop through December 31st***

Sketchbook Study for Damen…

Picture 11

A recent peek at my sketch book.I incorporated studies of an adorable rescue named Damen for a Pet Portrait Order. (digitally enhanced in shades of gray)

My Personal Copy of the Dog’s Rule Fatbook

Bid on a Dogs Rule Fatbook Now! Hurry, auction ends tomorrow, Thursday November 20th! All proceeds benefit A Place to Bark


This one of a kind project was started by Jill Beninato of Sit Stay
Smile Photography and includes work by the following artists:

Manon Doyle of Hoochie Poochie Studios , blog
Jill Beninato of Sit Stay Smile Photographyblog
Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Photography,
Leigh Jackson of Noisy Dog Studioblog
Moira McLaughlin of Dream Dogs Artblog
Melissa Langer of Pug Notesblog
Linda O’Neill of Abby Creek Studiosblog
Rebecca Lansdowne of Art Pawblog
Nicole Mlakar-Livingston of Nicole Mlakar-Livingston Photographyblog
Wendy Crumbley of 2 Dog Studioblog
Bernie Berlin from A Place To Barkblog
Anne Leuck Feldhaus of Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio
Kathy Weller Wellerwishes Pet Portraitureblog

Tagged: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I was tagged by Natasha Westcoat for "Seven Things…" here goes from my childhood:

  1. I was a Barbie Doll fanatic, I built a Barbie city in my basement,
    creating homes and furniture out of boxes. I even confiscated by
    brother's G.I. Joes' to add to the mix.

  2. I was not a baby sitter, I was a lawn mower.

  3. My early drawings were of Snoopy, Ziggy, Holly Hobby and models in the Sears & JC Penny catalogs.

  4. I was a Brownie but not a Girl Scout: I was afraid to leave home to go to camp.

  5. My favorite place to be in the summer was in the water, I swam
    at the pool three times a day and on weekends my family boated and camped on
    the sandbars of the Mississippi.
  6. My CB handle was "The Mississippi Cat". (I had many cats over the years: Kelly, Koko, Frisky, Brooke, Mandy and Katy)
  7. I
    spent countless Sunday mornings sitting in a Catholic Church mesmerized
    by the stained glass windows…I only recently realized what a strong
    effect this had on my painting style.

I'm tagging:
Kathy Frey and Susan Hinckley

Dogs Rule Fat Book Auction!

Back in July I blogged about the pages I was creating for the Dogs Rule Fat BookThis project was a collaboration of 13 dog artists who each contributed an original work of art. 

We each received one of these treasures, all masterfully crafted & bound by Jill Beninato of Sit, Stay, Smile Pet Photography. Later this week I will share photos of my copy. 
But TODAY…the 14th Book is up for Auction on Ebay and available to YOU! All proceeds will benefit A Place to Bark, a rescue in Tennessee run by our fellow artist and tireless animal advocate Bernie Berlin. She saved and placed over 575 dogs in her first 2 years of operation and will add 400 to that number by the end of 2008. 
Watch the video below to learn more about A Place to Park and to see this incredible book:

Better Late Than Never…

Picture 11

Just finished my Holiday Show Postcard…a week late! Hopefully will come through for me, probably not in time for my November 30th Open Studio Sale…but hopefully in time for the One of a Kind Show, December 4-7.

We have a Winner!

Val Webb is the random winner of the Black Poodle Art Print Giveaway – Congratulations!

Thanks everyone for your kind words, I guess I need to just follow my own instincts on this one. I built back in 2000 with very old software that utilizes frames. This means that if a search engine picks up a page it may only show the right hand frame without my menu and navigation on the left. Very inefficient. The other thing I'm considering is to incorporate my website into my blog so there is always something new to see when you visit. The website gets neglected and stale, this would keep it living and breathing. Todd Marrone's site is a good example of this.

I also think about having my Dog Paintings and Pet Portraits on a separate site, since my customers are often either really into the dog art or not at all, they prefer the cityscapes, narrative pieces, etc. (If you follow any of those links you will see what I mean about 'frames'.) I also forget one of the most important perspectives, that of my customers …(if you are out there and reading this, I would love your feedback!) As artists I think we generally peruse for fun, inspiration and research. I may have to try out Constant Contact's polling feature…In any case it was fun checking out the links and all…and Val, That Which Is Not, is actually the blog of my talented friends: Nancy & Andy. Thanks again ladies! – Anne