Strange things done in the midnight sun...

I recently found this great newspaper clipping of my dad performing “The Cremation of Sam McGee” on stage. Growing up I heard him recite this poem around numerous campfires on dark starry nights on the sand bars of the Mississippi River. Every time it was like the first time…He had us all mesmerized and hanging on his every word. He also led the sing alongs playing his guitar with wonderful hits by Johnny Cash, The Kingston Trio and so many more. It was a magical time in my childhood – I treasure those memories and my Dad who turned 66 today…Happy Birthday Dad!

If you are not familiar with Robert Service’s poem “The Cremation of Sam McGee” follow the link, you must read it! (Imagine a sinister sounding narrator, who at lighter moments broke into very jovial tone..and the back…read it to the end!)

Road trip through the mountains...


I traded with my pal Kerry Rolewicz at the 2007 One of a Kind Show, see the great painting I got from her HERE.  I finally finished my end of the bargain…I created this piece based on an email from her that described a three month, country wide road trip through the pacific Northwest with her now husband, Andy and their dog Odys, a wonderful memory and just the beginning of their lives together…they now have 4 little boys!

Sugar & Mr.Cream Underglazed…

Clay class started up again on the 5th. Decided I had better finish this sugar & creamer up before I got too involved in something new so I underglazed them on monday…their faces are straw yellow and should be much more saturated once they are fired, the lighter colors on the hat and handle are chartreuse and again should be more saturated and look more green after firing.
Picture 39

will need to put a clear coat inside of each so they are sugar/cream ready.
Picture 36 

Rear View:

Picture 41

Forgot to share photos of our fall class wrap up…this was our last night critique and pot luck, we had a pretty fabulous spread for such a small group!
Picture 1

Dogs on Doors…

Picture 33

My favorite thing to paint on … wood cabinet doors:

Purple Flower Frolicking Canine –For Sale on

Picture 7

Picture 36

Title anyone?

Picture 5

Well here is proof I have been painting every day. I'm not sure what this piece is about so a title has not come to me yet – I'd love to hear your ideas! (the image on the left is mid process, always tempting to leave it that way but I can't help it, the black paint insists on coming back in and defining the image.)
I'll post more new paintings tomorrow…

Border Collie Rescue T-Shirt Design #2


I recently completed t-shirt design #2 for Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue, they wanted me to incorporate agility images…looks like fun, something I should probaby get busy body Alice involved in. I’m working on a warmer hued version of this as well since reds, oranges and yellows seem to pop a bit more with the silk screen process which uses CMYK inks (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) vs. the RGB (red/green/blue)  color scheme seen on your computer screen and in my fine art print reproductions. I offer greatly reduced rates on illustration and design work for non-profits and rescue groups. Please feel free to contact me if you would like discuss a project for your group or to see a fee schedule.

Unified body of work…you be the judge.

Picture 23

I didn't take into consideration the spacing, each piece is formatted in a 1920 square, so the spacing might change the way the images are seen. I'm now leaning towards A with the B booth shot as shown above.
Picture 24

care to comment further?Picture 5

I need your help, I have lots of art fair deadlines coming up this week – I'm on the fence with my slide selections. As a jury member you will be reviewing up to 1200 sets of slides. In the first round each set is projected for 5-10 seconds, the set is either rejected or goes on to the next round, more time is given in the next rounds, booth slides can be tie breakers.

My question for you: which of these 3 groups (A,B,C) makes the best initial first impression as a unified body of work? (click on the image to enlarge)


Picture 1

i love to paint on it. no risk.

Damen’s portrait

Picture 27

I finally got Damen's pet portrait painted today…turned out pretty good! He was found near and named for Damen Avenue here in Chicago so we went with a Chicago street sign green name banner and the road running around his head. He is an adorable looking little guy, I have not met him yet.

Picture 29

Painting…first brush strokes of the year.

Picture 7

One of my goals for 09 is to paint for some amount of time each week day. First day, goal achieved. I'm excited to see what images emerge. Clay class also started tonight so I painted and sculpted today…and did my daily sketchbook page. It's amazing how good that feels. I'll share more about the writing workshop later this week…I smile every time I think of it!

Picture 19