Petite Affordable Originals….

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I've been working on some new petite size original paintings to offer in my Etsy Shop. I'll be listing these two little gems and several others later this weekend. Hope you have a great weekend…I've got some big news to share with you all very soon…(No, I'm not having a baby!)

Chicken Girl Give-Away

The wonderfully talented illustrator Jannie Ho is having a BLog Giveway that involves free business cards and a free print of your artwork…check it out!

Artists of Chicago

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Fellow artist, Jason Messinger, author of the Artists of Chicago Blog recently posted a lovely review of my work, you can read it here. Jason is a man of many talents, among them ceramic sculpture and writing he also curates shows here in the Chicago area.

We have a winner…and my happy Saturday


Miccosukee! You win, Congratulations!  Please contact me with your info, I don't think I have an email for you.

What a fun day I had, an unexpected brunch with artist friends Erica Jane Huntzinger visiting from WI and Byron Gin & his wife Patty at Uncommon Ground on Devon. Byron has a beautiful show of his paintings up through early May (painting to the right is Byron's) and Erica painted many of the interior doors in the restaurant (the piece bottom left is hers). It's really beautiful and the food amazing – I had the Uncommon
breakfast melt
over easy, nueske black peppercorn bacon, 
ale cheese, organic spinach, onion black bread. 
op.out out.20x40.06Sorry I have no photos to share. After we ate we headed over to the Andersonville neighborhood to the Middle Eastern Bakery where I bought some interesting treats to share with Rich, among them 7 grain pita and a jar of Taramosalata, a greek style caviar spread which they all said is amazing – I'll let you know. Also bought a lovely assortment of bakklava to bring for dessert tonight. The minute I got home my friend Johanna and her boyfriend, furniture maker Mark Cwik called to say they had a nice load of wood for me to recycle into paintings. So I drove down to his studio and got a fabulous assortment of really nice panels. I'm so glad to have them since I love painting on wood and his only choice is to put them in the trash since some have coatings and veneers on them. Okay, going to sneak in a quick nap before going up to Evanston for dinner with my brunch pals. Have a great rest of the weekend!


Freshly varnished…

Picture 13

Sketchbook 2.15.09

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Happy Heart Day…Give-Away!

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Clay update…

Picture 50

This is going to be a container. I will cut the ball footed piece in half and attach the piece on the right to the lid and then do more carving and embellishing to the bottom. Kind of a freaky clown guy.
Picture 51

This is my class mate Haleh making a very ambitious clay column/stool for her garden. I would never have the patience or skill to pull this kind of thing off! It's fun to watch come together, she will carve on the surface and add glazes. I'll try to post some updated photos as it becomes embellished.
Picture 52

And lastly…this crazy scary lady emerged a few weeks ago. I was in a lousy mood that day (which does not happen to me all that often) and I couldn't quite pin point the reason. I walked into class and jokingly asked if there were horns coming out of my head…and then I made this. And I felt better. Clay is very therapeutic!

Last week…

Picture 42

The daily painting is starting to work for me…I have lots of new nearly completed paintings to share with you very soon. The sketch above was an after thought right before I turned out the lights…based on this painting that I did at the Fields Project last June. I like the verticality of it…will also tweak the color on this one. Here's a peek at some other new pieces:
 Picture 17   
Picture 20 


Picture 11

Yesterday's sketchbook page…you'll notice I missed Tuesday. Images for some sweet valentine-y paintings I might make. Created in my Cachet Classic Graph Sketch Book with a black Uni-ball Vision Pen.