Honeybee Gallery Launches with Anne’s Art

Picture 11
Honeybee Gallery, the Web’s Only Source for Original Artwork for Children’s Rooms and Nurseries just launched on April 8, 2009: Honeybee Gallery offers fine, original artwork for babies’ and children’s rooms with a diverse selection, featuring works from over 20 artists from Coast to Coast and some international, with a variety in style and theme….I am happy to count myself among this talented group!

Coco…the Weimaraner

Picture 3
This is Coco, a delightful young Weimaraner who lives here in Chicago and also has a home in Miami Beach which explains the bottom right hand section, she likes to chase gekkos. It was fun coming up with a theme to include the Cubs and the Bears. If you are interested in a Pet Portrait…visit AnnesArt.com !

If you like the smell of fresh paint…

Picture 33

We are OPEN! I can't believe it…so excited and grateful for this
opportunity to share my work and connect with the community in a much
bigger way. Still working on signs for over the storefront and lots of
other little details but that will all happen in good time. I hope you can come by and say hello if you are in Chicago this weekend! Grand opening party will be in July…

Picture 18 

Picture 25

Picture 5
My sweet Mother sent me this gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers.

Picture 24
A serendipitous visit from Cathi (corn) Bouzide & Danny Mansmith

Picture 27 

Picture 30

Picture 23
View back to my office area

Picture 20
Rich installed my window track lighting…we are completely compact flourescent-ly lit!

Picture 8
earlier in the day….so much to do.

Picture 32
Natalie & baby Marlowe…these 2 saved the day, couldn't have gotten everything hung, cleaned up and ready by 5pm without them!
Picture 12  

Now Open!

Picture 7
We are officially OPEN! Today was a whirlwind…couldn't have done it without my pal Natalie…pictures coming soon! Exhausted but smiling BIG…! I didn't even do an e-blast, wasn't sure I would pull it off…Grand Opening will be later this summer.

Phase III Moving…

Picture 7 

My home office before dismantling Saturday morning…Okay, I really am sentimental. Here’s the video tour of all my favorite art treasures, some I made, many are from trades with other artists, photos and momentos..and yes a little bit of a mess:

Do you like the black door? I’m going to spray paint the fixtures metallic silver.
Picture 8
My new privacy shades! (too many days and nights on display, I had a dream the other night I was invisible)

Picture 13

My new office set-up – that’s my hard drive in my hands, I can take it home with me…modern technology..gotta love it. I’m very lucky to be married to my own personal IT man.

Picture 16 

Rich putting my work table back together, we had quite a time getting this thing out of my basement studio. (I purchased this in the ikea scratch and dent room many years ago..love this table)

Picture 12 

 Hors douvres dinner…perfect late night ending to a long day of work.

Picture 15

This is Tuesday…one of my current pet portrait clients, she came for a meet & greet on Sunday. As you can see she’s adorable.

Almost everything is here now so I’m setting up shop…hope to be open this weekend!

Phase II…the exterior

Picture 4

Fabulous painter and drummer Flint, of Chiovari Painting, worked wonders on the facade yesterday (Rich & Flint have been collaborating musically for almost 17 years). Stay tuned to see if I paint the door blue or black – we were considering white, but too hard to keep clean. 

Picture 1

The window trim was originally going to be black but seeing it with
white primer we decided to go with white, opens the space up.

Picture 2 

When I get around to painting the sign it will be attached to the brick above the blue section. Okay, this is my last blog post from Washtenaw…unhooking and moving my mac and all my other office and studio stuff today…hope you have a great weekend!


I’m a huge fan of the before & after photo…


Rich trips the light fantastic…
Picture 6 

ahh..clean blue & shiny white..do you see 4 funny little faces?
Picture 4 

I even get excited about new register covers!

Bought my sign board today…MDO. We start moving my studio on Saturday!

Stray Cat Strut

Picture 14

Coming up May 30th, Tree House Humane Society’s Stray Cat Strut 
which helps educate the public about the plight of stray cats. The
event also raises money for the rehabilitation, care and adoption of
the cats housed at Tree House. Follow the links to register. I donated the logo design for this annual event which is celebrating it's 4th year.

Elongated Load…

Picture 9
In the midst of all the craziness preparing my new studio space, I still have Monday class class. I have not been super productive the last few weeks so was glad to make this truck the other night…this is the longest one so far..still need to add some wheels and might do lattice or ribs of clay across the cargo area or leave it open…a straw holder..what would you put in it?
Picture 10 

More Progress from Last Week

Picture 3
It's official and legal…I can now open up shop in the City of Chicago.

Picture 2
Montego Bay Blue…I'm going to try to live with it for awhile, definitely not the color I had envisioned.

Picture 2

Rich surprised me and brought Izzy & Alice to see the shop…

Picture 3

Just as I suspected: Izzy went right for the windows wagging her tail
at every passerby and and Alice could hardly contain herself and had to
be be tethered by her leash…

Picture 4

I spent an entire day caulking and painting the metal brackets around the windows, this has made a big difference, I'll show the before & after close ups when I remove the tape.

Picture 1

The floors were sanded and varnished on Friday. I'm hoping to move my studio in this coming weekend. Our friend Flint, and the drummer in Rich's band, has come to my rescue and will be painting the outside of the building for me sometime over the next week or so…this is a huge relief, he will make it look ten time better than I ever could, not to mention I would be flinging paint allover the concrete. Oh..and I still have to make that sign, it's 29" high by 14 feet long…I think some people thought my photo-shopped photograph of the shop was the real deal.