Art business blogger Barney Davey comments…

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Art business blogger Barney Davey wrote a wonderful post about My First Billboard. Be sure to read the comment I left for him regarding my "confidence"!

Deacon – Pet Portrait Print Design

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I had to get my print order in and really wanted to include Deacon as a thank you to my friend Laura Nugent & her husband Donald who I stayed with in Kansas City last month…he will be my first test subject as a Pet Portrait Print. In a perfect world I would have gotten their feedback and made edits…right now I just need an example here in the studio to show my customers!

Laura & Donald if you are reading this…I know his beard is way too big and he looks a little schnauzery, I will be happy to make changes and color edits for your custom gift!

Before the Rain Came…

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Have I mentioned I love weather…? I really do, especially storms, I was loving those clouds as I was driving home this morning and grateful I beat the rain and the hail, especially trying to deliver a painting. Coming to the shop in the dark at noon amid torrential rain and small ponds in the middle of city streets was a little eerie. Of course I wish we could have storms without the destruction and all the flooding, so many basements in Chicago are going to be really wet today…

Pet Portrait Progress

Tuesday Tuesday’s pet portrait is coming along, these are process photos based on this sketch. Hope you are having a great Tuesday wherever you are!
Picture 16

Rapt in Maille

Picture 40I'll be featuring several of my friends from "Art Girls" over the summer as I happen by their art fair booths, today it's Melissa Banks of Rapt in Maille. I love her work and own one of her wide slinky cuff bracelets….I think it must be a wonder woman thing with me, I feel empowered with a cuff on! And Melissa is very prolific in this department, below are 2 of my new favorites. The chain mail is so comfortable to wear and for me always getting into paint and clay and other materials I don't have to worry about mussing it up, easy to clean, shiny stainless steel. 
Picture 29Melissa has many different collections which include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, visit to purchase on-line or better yet try to catch her in person at one of her summer shows. She is exhibiting at Wells Street is this weekend, June 13-14th.
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Friday Musings…

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Lots of folks stopping in the shop today with the sun finally shining! This is Sarka & Zoe with their owner Marcela in the photo, they came in last night in spite of the cold (they just moved here from San Francisco) very sweet pups..siblings. I'm thinking evenings are my 'prime time' here in the shop and of course I'm a night person so that works all the better for me. My posted hours are Noon-7pm on Thursdays & Fridays but if my schedule allows and folks are out and about I'll stay until 9 or 10pm. Same for Saturday (posted noon-5pm)…and you'll probably find me here Sunday-Wednesday too even though I do not have posted hours those days. Just knock..I may answer!
Picture 15 I visited Barker & Meowsky the other day to see their space, they have invited me to be their featured artist next Friday, June 19th for Tasteful Art on the Avenue which benefits Children's Memorial Hospital. I will be there with many of my canine canvases from 6-9pm…if you live in Lincoln Park please come by: 1003 West Armitage.

Okay…time to paint, I think…it's a challenge staying on track here. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Meet Rone Prinz

Picture 15
Picture 10I had the pleasure of meeting Rone Prinz at the 57th
Street Art Fair last weekend, she is from Woodland Hills, CA. I came by
her booth during the drizzle early Sunday morning as she was putting out her work.Picture 1I thought this bird in a tree piece was just wonderful and clever, it's what drew me into her booth. Then all the other treasures started coming out like the chair necklace in the top photo.
Picture 27The sculptural pieces actually come apart and contain multiple jewelry pieces and have messages etched in them. Very unique and wondeful things…You can see Rone's work this weekend in Chicago at the Old Town Art Fair or next weekend in Milwaukee at the Lakefront Arts Festival.

I spy

Picture 1 A sweet blue pick-up…saw this gem on the Kennedy this morning on the way to Dick Blick. It's nearly the same color as my shop.

More photos coming tomorrow, met a wonderful jeweler from California who I'll introduce you to and will be featuring more of my friends here in Chicago who exhibited at the 57th Street shows over the weekend…

It’s a Sign

Picture 3.Picture 6 One down, one to go…the 14 foot one. I'm having someone varnish it for me, I made this test board so he can be sure that the heavy duty UV Sealer won't attack my acrylics…hopefully it will be done and ready to hang soon! Time to close up and pack the truck for my art fair in Hyde Park tomorrow…come on down if you are in the neighborhood, Saturday 11am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm, this runs right along side the famed 57th Street Art Fair. The shop will also be open from noon-5pm on Saturday.

PS When I get my act together that 'Gallery & Shop' sign will be replaced with one cut in the silhouette of one of my flying dog images.

My First Billboard

Picture 39
This was over I-35 in Kansas City…
Picture 59 Laura & I with the fuzzy billboard in the background
Picture 56 The loot..posters, t-shirts & programs
PV interview
…and the program interview, I’m forever a work in progress when it comes to these.Picture 60