Retro On Roscoe – Come See Us!


If you'll be coming to Roscoe Village this weekend for Retro on Roscoe please come by on Saturday and say hello! We are located at 2040 W. Roscoe…in the thick of it, 2 blocks west of Damen.

Norcross Art Fest Poster Design

Picture 25
I just sent off the final art work for the t-shirt/poster and yes, another billboard (yay!) for the Historic Norcross Art Fest in Georgia October 3-4.

Carbon Black

Picture 20
Just discovered Golden Fluid Acrylics, I've always used Golden Heavy Body Paints but the black does not thin well so I use a different brand…picked this up the other day, I love it – fluid but opaque, perfect for my process…
Picture 22  


Picture 20

Picture 18

Had a nice break this afternoon with a visit from my nephews Noah & Luke. Picture 17

Collectors & Friends

I’ve had visits from a few of my collectors this week, coming to see the new studio space for the first time. James & Rosemary Sharp own several of my paintings and just purchased “Man-imal” to add to their collection: this painting was inspired by a sgraffito tile I created at Lill Street a few years back:Picture 17


Today Linnea Blomgren (Board Member at Harmony House for Cats) came to visit with her newly adopted dog from PAWS Chicago, Molly:Picture 18

Picture 20

It was a lovely afternoon here in Roscoe Village, lots of of new people came in today. The studio/shop felt just how I imagined and hoped it would be on a typical Saturday. Feeling grateful!

New Compositions Emerge from Basement

Picture 20
I have a show at the Humane Society of Berks County in Reading, PA opening on August 14th…need to get some new work done and shipped in the next 2 weeks…started these compositions at home and will bring to the studio to finish. I assumed not having any art fairs in July would free me up but the universe has supplied me with plenty of work…I could use a few 28 hour days!

Picture 21

Picture 22

Facebook Fan Page

Picture 7
I'm interrupting this blog for a commercial break: For those of you on Facebook, I recently created an Anne Leuck Feldhaus Studio Fan Page. I'll be sharing updates and works in progress as well as offering Fan Specials from time to time…please follow the link if you are interested and feel free to share with anyone else you feel would enjoy my work. Thanks!

No Photoshop Required...

Picture 18
I know you all must think I’m over-obsessed with this sign thing – well there should be no need for me to mention it again because it is out of my studio, out of my garage, out of my truck and on the building!!
Picture 10

Pug Studies…

PUGScolor Yesterday I spent some time googling photos of PUGS and trying to draw them …I've only met a few, so my Pug Sense is lacking. I used purplish/blue to mark the ones I thought most successful, yellow for the 2nd tier and turquoise for nice try, but not so great. I would love your feedback especially from you Pug owners! The thought behind this is to capture a new breed each week to add to my new Personalized Pet Portrait Print option Portfolio, these are beautiful ready to hang mounted and laminated box prints – complete with your pet's name on the banner and custom colors.Personalizedprint

California Dogs

Picture 15  I ran across these photos the other day, I hand painted this fiberglass chair for the opening of the Dogs Gallery in Westlake Village, CA back in 2003. Thought you might enjoy seeing some of my FUNctional Art! : )

This chair was also featured in the Italian Edition of Marie Claire Magazine in April 2006: