Debuting New Print Designs at Port Clinton!

Picture 13  
"Crazy Smiling Brown Dog" a new addition inspired by the "Crazy Smiling Black Dog" design, also available: Crazy Smiling White Dog, Crazy Smiling Yellow Dog and Crazy Smiling Orange Dog – did I miss a color? These ready to hang 8×8 float prints are just $48…also available in 10×10 and 12×12. And the much sought after "Woman with a Big Heart"…I've sold this design as a magnet and after repeated requests have added it to the print collection….coffee mugs, t-shirts and pillow soon to follow!

All Packed Up and Ready to Show!


Well after a brief hiatus from the art fairs, I’m thrilled to be exhibiting this weekend at the Port
Clinton Art Festival
. This is one of the top shows in the country and I was honored to be juried in again. You can find me in Booth #53 on First Street just East of Laurel.

The truck is all packed up (that rarely happens two days before a show, but Friday is a crazy day). I will be working in the shop tomorrow and then setting up in Highland Park tomorrow night (at 8pm…in the dark!) then rushing back to the city to see Rich’s band, The Infamous, play at the Rock House on Lincoln Avenue – it’s a free show so if you’re in the neighborhood, come on by! Also need to remind you to visit the Bucktown Arts Fest this weekend…this is where I got my start in the world of art fairs, it such a unique show and many of my dear friends are exhibiting there this weekend.

My too short…long weekend

Picture 10

Picture 12
Picture 11

Picture 15 It was way too short, I flew out to Seattle late Thursday and was back in Chicago by 3pm on Monday…a beautiful windy weekend up in the mountains with lots of fun and good food and wine…kayaking, hiking (even a 5 mile jaunt on a hilly mountain road is a hike for a flatlander like me!) drawing, playing with my new nephew Edgar (the furry one) and hanging out with my dear brother Carl and his wife, Linda. A colony of bees, also visiting for the weekend, didn't even spoil the fun. Sweetest pick on Highway 2: a peanut butter malt with extra malt powder from the 59er Diner…a photo would not have done it justice!

Cutting the ribbon…

Picture 8
Well it's now official…had a fun little ribbon cutting photo op yesterday with the Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce yesterday morning following their board meeting, which I hosted.
Picture 6
Executive Director Mary Markarian arriving with the big scissors!

Picture 5
I'm flying to Seattle tonight to visit my brother for a weekend of hiking, kayaking and fun in the mountains…I can't wait! Amanda of Whirleygirl Designs will be minding the shop for me, so stop in and say hello if you are in the neighborhood. I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

CCR Dog Adoption Event at Anne’s Studio 8/8/09

Picture 45

At long last…here are photos and hopefully some video from our Adoption Event with Chicago Canine Rescue on August 8th. It was fun afternoon, very hot and windy…but lots of puppy love. We had four very wonderful young dogs here: Kyle, Mickey, Shirley and Jill. None of them were adopted that afternoon but many people stopped and took cards for the shelter which is located just a few blocks away at 2227 W. Belmont in Chicago. To learn more about each dog click here. We also let people know that fostering was also an option, this takes a little bit of the edge off when people are unsure how it would go with their other pets, etc. That's how we started with Alice, and we had such a happy ending. I just heard today 8/18 that Kyle and Mickey are in foster homes and will mot likely be adopted!

Picture 17
Kyle, Shirley and Mickey with wonderful volunteers from CCR.

 Picture 13
Jill, A coonhound mix.
Picture 8
Kyle a shepherd mix…

 Picture 12
Suzy taking donations for CCR's upcoming Mutt Strut on September 12th.

 Picture 11

 Picture 19

My favorite…so far: RV Street Banner Design

Picture 34
I'm working on designs to submit to the Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Board for new street banners in the neighborhood. I scanned the drawing from my sketchbook (below) and edited in Photoshop on my Cintiq…then exported the image path into Adobe Illustrator and added color. Every time I do this I learn something new (I have never taken a class). I hope they like this, I have other designs to show but I think this is the strongest and most fun…but may be 'too busy' – that's why I gave the single color options. Either way I have great imagery to use for future paintings!
Picture 36
Let me know which one(s) you like the best!

Berks County Humane Society: Furry Friday features Anne’s Art

I had a show open last night in Reading, PA at the Berks County Humane Society for Furry Friday…I was not able to make the trip but was told they would send me photos and possibly video from the opening. Stay tuned…! I sent 26 pieces of art, 11 of them new paintings of cats and dogs which you can see on my website here / pet paintings and here / narrative pet paintings.

Anne Partners with!

Picture 40

I recently partnered with to publish and sell open edition prints of my dog and cat images on 100% cotton, archival recycled paper with VOC-free water-based inks! GREEN and beautiful! Follow this link to see all available prints from 12×12 up to 30×48.

Love Dogs & Art?


On Saturday from Noon-3pm I will be hosting a Pet Adoption Event for Chicago Canine Rescue in
my Studio & Shop at 2040 W. Roscoe in Chicago. Picture 31 For added fun there will be a CCR Bean Bag Toss Game set up on the sidewalk outside the shop…dogs, games, cookies and lemonade…come on over and bring the kids! Also a portion of every sale
during the Event will be donated to Chicago Canine Rescue.

Our dog
Alice was saved by CCR back in 2004, her entire new born litter had been found in an alley next to a dumpster. We took her in as a
foster at 12 weeks old and of course became ‘foster failures’ when we decided to adopt her. She has been such a joy and we know that she has helped to keep Izzy active and engaged in life after all these years.  So…if you have been thinking about adopting please
come and see some pups and if you’ve been thinking of buying some art,
do it on this day so a portion of your sale will benefit the dogs!

Art, Wine, Colorful Conversation ….

Picture 29