Showing my age…

Picture 11 When I'm super busy one of the first things I neglect along with
exercise is my daily sketchbook…This page is a reflection of how I
account for every missed day. I should have done this drawing on November 19th but in fact I did it last night, November 28th. If only I could squeeze all those days of not working out into one session.

So Alice, Izzy, Woody Allen and Diane Keaton
all made it onto the paper in one way or another as I sketched while watching Annie Hall last night…many
years since I've seen this movie and funny to hear Woody Allen refer to
himself as being 40 – I was 10 when this was made. Now I'm older than
he was back then! Can I count the tennis racquet as exercise?

Cat Lovers Gifts!

Picture 6Gifts for the Cat Lover! These items are all available at my Studio Storefront but many can also be purchased on-line…coasters, mugs, ornaments and magnets are all in my Shop here and here.

Picture 10 Beautiful new Limited Edition Pet Feeder Tables in my shop. If you want one I am happy to ship to you! The small Cat Feeder is $138.Picture 11 Stationery Notepads and Notepad Gift packs from $5 to $25…I will gladly ship these as well.Picture 31 Ready to Hang! 8×8 Float Frame Cat Prints..just $48 each. Available on Etsy!Picture 12 And if you are looking for something REALLY SPECIAL, I suggest the Custom Cat Portrait Gift Certificate…these are available in a variety of sizes and media options starting at just $250!Picture 13

Big Dreams and Ideas!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving…we had 2 really enjoyable
days in Green Bay with Rich's family. It was so nice to escape for a
bit, we relaxed with lots of laughter, good food, family and fun..always a joy to see our niece and nephews! They are such great kids, clever and silly and very compassionate with old Izzy…Alice had a ball with them and chocolate lab Stella. So now I'm back with a clear head ready to tackle all the holiday
orders that I am so grateful to have in this magical little studio.

Read on, I'll be sharing lots of gift ideas with you over the next few weeks…
Picture 18
These just arrived from my printer, a customer is giving them as a wedding gift..they are from my "Folks You Know" series…I am happy to customize previously created designs with different colors and text for you. They are wonderful 'his' and 'hers' gifts and perfect for holiday gifts too! They are available as 8×8 Float Frame Prints for $48 each, 10×10 Float Frame Prints for $75 or 12×12 Box Frame prints for $98…all ready to hang and protected with a UV filtering laminate. You can see more in my Etsy Shop.

 If you live in Chicago please stop by…I have some really fun new holiday gifts and stocking stuffers…and coming next week pillows! These are also available in my CafePress Shop.

Picture 28

Good N Plenty Pups!

Picture 12Kim Frieders and Kelly Velasco…with Kelly's newest addition to her collection: Good N Plenty Pups! They came by for our adoption event after a day of shopping at the DIY Show… I would have loved a chance to get over there and see all the handmade goods. I love visiting with these gals, they always brighten my day. Kim has a new art studio in Dundee…hope to get out there after the holidays for a visit.

Puppies, Art, Community, and a Sunny Day…

Picture 15We had the perfect day yesterday for our adoption event with the Anti-Cruelty Society at my studio…plenty of sunshine and temps in the 50's…Picture 184 very sweet dogs arrived around noon- that's Camry above, she was the spunkiest of the group.Picture 27
This is mother/daughter duo, Sunfire and Sunbird, they were rescued in Tennessee by artist, Bernie Berlin of A Place to Bark. I've mentioned Bernie before, as I've been involved in a few different projects to help raise money for her rescue efforts, the most recent the Party Animals Book and auction. These girls were so sweet and awfully timid. They were nearly adopted together, really hope that couple will contact Anti-Cruelty and take them after mulling over their decision this weekend. Picture 17 That's Sunbird on my lap and very sweet girl Theresa, they would all make such dear companions. There were wonderful volunteers and folks from Anti-Cruelty on hand to chat with all the people who came by to meet the dogs. Such a great sense of community and caring combined with the joy of being around such endearing pups…! The day was so reflective of all my hopes for combining my art and this space and community with my desire to give more exposure to and hopefully get more homeless pets adopted. Picture 19
If you would like more information or to go meet any of these dogs, please contact the Chicago Anti-Cruelty Society.Picture 28

Lazy Smiling Yellow Dog…

Picture 2
This "Lazy Smiling Yellow Dog" Mega Magnet is going to the Bronx…a gal visiting the shop saw my Crazy Smiling Black Dog magnet and asked for a little customization. I hope to get some Mega Magnets listed in my etsy shop soon as well as several other great holiday gift items that just came in….I'll show them to you tomorrow!


Tuesday’s owner asked me to design a Holiday Greeting Card that incorporated the Pet Portrait that I painted of her dog Tuesday, last spring. I love how it turned out, it helps that there was already a lot of red and green. If I did a portrait of your pet and you are interested in something like this let me know and I’ll send you the details.

A happy new collector!

Picture 70

Last weekend I got to meet Shellie Olson, who came to the studio with my pal and amazing artist, Cathi Bouzide, or as I call her the "Corn Lady". Cathi gave this Pink Poodle Print to her sister Shellie as a gift..because she is a fan of the color pink and dogs of course!

Puppies! Anti-Cruelty Adoption Event at my Studio on November 21st!

Picture 56Have you been thinking about adopting a dog lately or maybe getting some bold beautiful new art for your walls? On the 21st you can do both! We will have pups from the Anti-Cruelty Society on hand for you to meet, a Raffle for Art and Gifts and 20% off all of my Original Paintings!

Painting again...

Picture 48 This is one of several commissions that I’m working on. The original 7″x14″ painting titled ‘Field Days’, has since sold so I am recreating it much larger at 24″x48″. I created the first one at the 2007 Fields Project Artist Residency, the same year I created my Flower Frolicking Dog Field Sculpture. That experience definitely inspired the painting, that and staying on a farm with beef cattle. It’s an amazing program…and I’ve been fortunate to have particpated 3 different years. You can check out photos here….and here.

Fielddays Picture 49 

…And as long as I’m sharing,this is the painting that I created at the residency in 2008 chronicling my entire experience with the field sculpture the year before:

Picture 51