So long February…

Some fun, random snapshots from the past month… Picture 25 Rich spotted a bee in our backyard a few weeks ago…in spite of all the snow!
Picture 24 I wish M&M's were always pink + red + white. Guess who ate most of these?Picture 22 I love the composition of this photo with Izzy…and of all Rich's guitars, this Danelectro is my favorite. Not only the best shade of blue but sparkly too. Picture 23 Snack spread for game night…really just showcasing how much better our island lights make things look with the right light bulbs. We had been using the wrong kind since installing 2  years ago!Picture 27 Rich modeling an 'ice mask' he lifted from the top of our rain barrel.

Top Ten...

6a00d8341c192953ef0120a8934b6b970b-pi Moira McLaughlin, of Dog Art Today, named my blog one of the Top Ten Dog Art Blogs for It was an unexpected lovely surprise to be included with these other wonderful bloggers and dog lovers.

More Pet Portrait Reveals...a Yorkie & a Toy Poodle

ButterjoeyLR Butter & Joey…another batch from my Holiday Pet Portrait orders. These two are new breeds for me, Butter is a Toy Poodle and Joey a Yorkie. Really sweet dogs..they live in the neighborhood and came to my studio for a photo shoot before I started working on the portraits.Butterjoey

Dog flys out of kiln in one piece…

Picture 12 Well Snick made it out of the kiln in one piece! I just glazed him…and the dog below which has been sitting on my shelf since the last session. And I put square wheels on a truck which I forgot to stay tuned.  Picture 5I don't think I mentioned that our Lill Street class is now called "dreams, myths & totems in clay" or is it pillars? Corinne Peterson,
our teacher makes very impressive large totems that are in corporate
collections and in many public art displays so she is sharing her
techniques in the class. I just don't think I could commit to something
that big with a material so fragile..and me so careless. But there are
other women in the class taking the totem theme and running with it. A
few photos are below.

Here's Mary working on a beautiful bird sculpture…(she also has a large totem in the works): Picture 6 Natalie's wonderful wall piece, love the stones and the trees:Picture 9 And Haleh's impressive wall totem…she is much more ambitious than I could ever be with clay.Picture 11

Painting Raffle for Chicago Canine Rescue

SmiligorgdogOrange Smiling Pup © 2009 13×14 Acrylic on Wood Cabinet Door. Retail Value: $300

I started a raffle for this painting last Saturday at the Chicago Canine Rescue Adoption Event, $1 per ticket or 6 tickets for $5. Several of you have asked how you can purchase tickets. I think the best way to do it is for you to donate money directly to Chicago Canine Rescue via this secure CCR Donation Site, then forward me an email with your donation amount and I will put the appropriate number of tickets for you into the Raffle Jar. I will do the drawing for the painting on Saturday, March 20th and announce the winner on my blog and on my Facebook Fan Page.

Will you be mine?

Picture 22 

Picture 26

Picture 28

Picture 21
 Picture 29 Picture 32 We had 5 adorable Spaniel mix puppies here on Saturday for our event with Chicago Canine Rescue, all from the same litter. They are still too young to be adopted but you can see each one on the Chicago Canine Rescue site and contact them if you would like to adopt! We had lots of people come in (and a few dogs) so it was good socialization for them and they sure loved to be held and cuddled. It was a fun afternoon and the volunteers were wonderful as usual! PS I'm still selling raffle tickets for the painting in the photo above…all proceeds go to CCR.

A…my name is Alice and I like snow…

Picture 14

Picture 2

Picture 6 Alice enjoying our winter wonderland…it's hard to believe that our yard looked like this just a few days ago:
Picture 23 That's her new friend L.B. "Little Boy" a stray taken in by my friends Mark & Johanna. His name is still to be determined but I kind of like L.B. or Elbee!

Picture 22

Paintings in the works…

Picture 16
Picture 14
Picture 4
Picture 1

Picture 2
Picture 43Random shots from the last two weeks…the bottom one is 3×6 foot commission…it gets it's own post next week…when it's finished! Hope you have a great weekend…

Sweet Adoption Event with CCR Next Week…

 Picture 7 Our first Adoption Event of 2010 is next weekend, bring your Valentine and your friends to meet PUPPIES available for adoption from Chicago Canine
. Join us on the 13th for Sweet Treats, a Raffle for Art and
Gifts and 20% off anything in the shop that has RED or PINK in it!Picture 6

Map #211

Picture 47

The Hand Drawn Map Association (HDMA) is an ongoing archive of user
submitted maps and other interesting diagrams created by hand. I found out about HDMA on their Facebook Fan Page…it’s a great concept and site. I submitted the map below that I made for my Mom and Bill a few years back…it depicts their favorite walking trail in McMullen Park located in rural Warrens, Wisconsin. It’s now #211 in the HDMA archives. They now have monthly map making contests …do you have you would like to submit?

MomMapMMPI found this wonderful artist on their site, Dahlia Elsayed. Her map is #173. It says she created this map to represent the month of August. She tells
us that the map represents pretty much everything that was going on in
her life at the time. Check out her other amazing map related art on her site: I love the abstract yet humorous nature of this!Picture 60