Growing Trucks…

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Picture 5 My goal is to continuously make the next one bigger than the last, until our spring session ends in late May. These will, hopefully, soon be growing things in their beds…stay tuned to see them evolve and for more info about the "Women in Grains Show" in July.


Picture 14My studio mate, Frida….always an inspiration!

Tandem Trip #3 of 2010

Picture 4My handsome husband sporting his tribal sunscreen application…Picture 5Last Sunday we headed to Indiana to ride on the Erie Lackawanna Trail. We did about 20 miles, all paved…I prefer more wooded trails but this was perfect for the day as the sun kept us warm and the trees in bloom were gorgeous.Picture 6 Not sure if we'll ride tomorrow…weather looks iffy and I have so much to do before I hit the road for Kansas City on Wednesday….hoping my painting muse shows up tomorrow! I'll leave you with a few more trees in bloom photos, one looking out our kitchen window and the other over here in Roscoe Village near my studio. Spring sure came early this year!Picture 3

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Picture 2My clients Jim & Carol commissioned me to do another portrait for their newest member of the family…Sam! Who, I’m told, has quite the a personality “…he is a crazy retriever, a good game of fetch can last hours if you let it, he thinks every toy in the house is his and will pile them up on his bed to prove it, he’s the life of the party and isn’t afraid to show it, he has superman genes in his dna (can leap tall buildings or sister dogs in a single bound) 6) he’s going to be a little too helpful in the garden…” Sounds like lots of fun to me!Samphoto2 This is the 4 foot portrait I did a few years ago of their other dogs, Bud, Waldo, Meenie and Ella:

Lucas the lab finds the perfect pet feeder…

Picture 1 Lucas the lab, came in to pick out his favorite sized Pet Feeder the other day…he went with a 'Large'. We have very limited editions of these tables available so let me know if you would to claim one.

Sizes & Prices:

X-Large 18" Dog Feeder $169

Large 12" Dog Feeder $149

Medium 6"Dog Feeder $109

Small 4.5" Dog Feeder $95

Kitty Feeder $95

Picture 24 19-35-36

Anne Illustrates Roscoe Village…

Picture 6

Here is a peek at the recent Neighborhood Direct Coupon Book cover that I designed…they went out to 10,000 residents in the area.The image is an extended version (horizontally) of the street banner designs I created for Roscoe Village…stay tuned to see them as they are hoisted to the street poles of the neighborhood later this summer and fall!

If you mention it, I will honor this coupon for 20% off any original painting or print in my studio through the expiration date of July 30th!

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It's in the Bag...!

InthebagJoin us this coming Thursday, April 22nd for Roscoe Village’s Spring Goodie Bag Shopping Event: “It’s in the Bag” from 5-9pm. Receive free gifts with your purchases from the shops listed above plus mystery envelopes filled with fabulous savings certificates from our Roscoe Street restaurants, spas, photography and more!

Enjoy wine and cheese in my studio while you shop and get first dibs on new spring paintings before I take them on the road to Kansas City for my first Art Fair of the season, The Brookside Art Annual!


FinalBruiser Meet Bruiser! This was another holiday Pet Portrait Gift Order from December. Did you know that I can personalize this with your pet’s name and custom colors if it looks like your Pug? It will save you $100 on your Pet Portrait Print! BruiserPHOTO



Tandem Trip #2 of 2010

Picture 46 On Sunday we took our 2nd tandem ride of 2010, almost 30 miles round trip, from our house to the Museum of Science & Industry and back (so I could check out the storm exhibit…I am intrigued by weather!) It was a great ride south, I never get tired of looking at the glorious blue green color of Lake Michigan…this is all a little easier now thanks to the 3 speed hub Rich outfitted our 1970's vintage Schwinn Twinn Tandem with for our inaugural ride on Easter Sunday. We did 25 miles from under the I-90 bridge at the Fox River through Elgin down to St. Charles and back…the wind blew us all the way back which of course we planned (and I needed, as I was still recovering from my freaky cold).
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Picture 29 The photo above shows the false horizon I kept seeing…you cannot see Michigan from Chicago but it looks like it here! And below, our fair city from the south shore:
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Art on Tap…

Picture 46

I'm loving the brick walls at The Village Tap, where I hung several paintings last week…my works contrast well with the casual urban vibe of this popular Roscoe Village pub known as "Chicago's Premiere Neighborhood Tavern & Beer Garden". My show will be up through May…so stop by to have a drink (over 26 beers on tap!), enjoy some of their fabulous food and the art (all works are available for sale)…and hey, why not swing by my studio on the way, if I'm here I just might join you!

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