I’ve got it covered…

Picture 34The new Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce Directories were just delivered to my studio…they turned out great! I edited the design from the banner art to fit this format. Looking forward to seeing those banners hanging in the coming months. Let me know if you or your company is in need of some bold, eye-catching art for brochures, banners, logos, etc…I love brain storming and helping clients with these kinds of illustration projects!

Wells Street Wrap Up Part II

Picture 35If you've ever chatted with me at a show, chances are I told you all about my dogs and their influence on my art. So I was a little nervous about retaining my composure, since this was my
first art fair since losing Izzy, and I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. As luck would have it, the Greyhounds Only rescue group were set up across from my booth at the Wells Street Show. They created a beautiful diversion, and also inspired me all weekend long. I did several drawings of them and in the midst of sharing with people about Izzy, did my first 'patron saint of' / post-pumpkin sketches.
Picture 39 

Picture 37

Picture 38

Wells Street Wrap Up Part I

Picture 16Happy new collectors at the Wells Street Art Fair: The Mickelson's with one of my newest paintings "Outbound to O'Hare"…

Picture 33My booth was very blue and green this time around especially with my new work. All my 'pink' paintings are hanging at the Poison Cup through the end of June.

Picture 17It's always interesting to see that many people who are attracted to my work wear the colors of my palette…

Stay tuned for Part II tomorrow…'the Greyhounds'.

You are invited…

Picture 24

You Are Invited to the THE POISON CUP WINE & ART BOUTIQUE for an Art Reception for Anne
Leuck Feldhaus this Friday, June 18th from 5-8pm at 1128 West Armitage in
In keeping
with the spirit of my work, The Poison Cup will be serving
"Critter Wines" to
include: GioCaTo Pinot Grigio and Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc! Come out and
see some of my most recent paintings, explore the incredible selection of
wines, and toast the upcoming Summer Solstice and Dog Days of Summer…

Your four legged friends are welcome too!

Yellow Dog + Swirly Sky Finds a new home…

Picture 10 A bit behind on my blog posts these days, well a bit behind on everything, I guess. Adjusting to new realities which I will address next week. This is a happy new collector with her friend, from the Broadripple Art Fair in Indianapolis last month. I tried out a new booth configuration there…really only moving a wall a few feet, but it completely changes the space that I occupy in the booth, the key here being that I am visibly 'in' the booth not sitting behind the wall.
Picture 15I like it and am looking forward to trying it again at this weekend's Wells Street Art Festival here in Chicago, from 10am-dusk Saturday & Sunday:


Wishing you all a beautiful and joyful weekend!

Bike the Drive…2010

Picture 6 At 6am Sunday morning (before we even knew what the next 48 hours with Izzy would bring) we did Bike the Drive for the 3rd? time…but a first with the tandem and a bike that had more than one speed so I feel like we cheated a little. ; ) Round trip from our home and back with google maps: 40 miles. Picture 7The most entertaining part of the morning was meeting the couple above (Jacob and Kate?) on another Schwinn Twinn…their's fully authentic complete with the originals seats and fenders…and much prettier, but they coveted our basket and Rich's custom rear light job. I was especially impressed when I found out he had just purchased it the day before, she told him the the only way she would do the ride was if he had a tandem, enter Craigslist voila…!  Picture 8
Picture 9 
Picture 13

Saying goodbye to my sweet muse...

Mygirl After almost 15 years with us, on Monday, we said goodbye to Izzy. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make, but in the end it was a more peaceful parting than I could have imagined. Things have been going downhill very gradually over the last 2 years, Rich and I did as much as we could to keep Izzy comfortable. Early on we tried acupuncture and chiropractic kinesiology to help with her arthritis. We gave her 9 pills a day, 7 dispensed with peanut butter in a special method perfected by Rich. He cooked weekly in the crock pot for the girls over the last year, and we started using sign language with her as she lost her hearing. We often carried her down and sometimes up the stairs, took very slow labored walks which she still loved, especially to smell the earth and nature (Rich wrote a song about her years ago called “The Sniffer”). There was endless discussion between us about the consistency of her #2…which on a good day was something we termed ‘turdular’ and if she ate or what she ate. Through it all she taught us patience and compassion and made us better human beings. Since the day we adopted her in November of 1995 (from a vet office on North Avenue where she had been abandoned) she has brought more love to our lives and inspiration to my art work than I could have ever dreamed of. Picture 1

I’m so grateful to Rich for helping to take such great care of her and to Alice for always being our comic relief. And other folks helped us through these senior years: Ben King from Urban Tailz, who took such gentle care of Izzy and Alice whenever we had to go out of town, Kelly Krueger of Articulate Animals…who was able to communicate Izzy’s needs to me from pain med adjustments to letting me know that she was ready to leave her tired old body behind, our vet Dr. Gaspar who respected our wishes to just keep Izzy comfortable and worked with us on pain control, and in the end Dr. Amir Shanan, a hospice vet, who came to our home at 10 in the evening on Memorial Day and so compassionately helped us say goodbye. I was going to close with ‘Rest in peace, Pumpkin…’ but prefer to imagine her sailing through the air to catch frisbees in that big dog park in the sky…

Poem I wrote in 1999 written around the painting above:

“My Dog’s name is Izzy and she’s really neat, she chases frisbee and walks on four feet.
She chases squirrels, she chases cats, she even lives with two, how about that?
She loves me no matter what my mood, but she loves me most when I have food. “
She is the color of cinnamon and pumpkin pie…
I’m happy she’s my dog and those are the reasons why! I love her so…”