Anne's Art in another Feature Film...!

Picture 48

Dogdays“Dog Days”

"Betty & Barney"“Betty & Barney”

I just signed a final film credit release for my prints “Dog Days” and “Betty & Barney” to be used on the set of Doggie Boogie, a feature film coming out sometime next winter. These prints will be hanging in the set apartment of character, Peter Wolfe, owner of
Doggie Boogie, a dog dancing school…hopefully we’ll see them – that’s not always the case.


My previous brushes with the silver screen:

The Break-Up – You never saw my art in this Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Aniston movie because they cut the
original ending…didn’t see it in the dvd alternate ending either.
(My entire art fair booth was in it, plus my friend Eva May and I were hired as extras…it was a very fun 2 days of shooting along with some other art fair pals and their work on the set at Buckingham Fountain in August of 2005.)

The Number 23 – My postcards and book mark were easy to spot in this Jim Carrey flick plus I got a little press and sold the painting that was on the postcard….


Trucks + Grain + Women

Picture 11 My trucks have finally found utility…I will have several on display at the Women In Grains Show…(a Coast to Coast Perspective) opening this Friday, July 16th at the Woolen Mills Gallery in Reedsburg, WI. This gallery is part of the Worm Farm Institute which is “dedicated to integrating culture and agriculture, an evolving laboratory of the arts and
ecology and fertile ground for creative work.
” The show was curated by fellow artist/friend and notorious CORN LADY, Cathi Bouzide and encompasses the work of 18 women from around the country…there will even be a limited edition Women in Grains Beer microbrewed by Cathi’s husband Paul. Should be a fun filled and very interesting evening!

Women in Grain email version When invited to participate, I decided to use my trucks. My initial hope
was to actually plant grain in the beds of them, this required that I
work outside of my comfort level and build bigger rigs. It was
challenging but I learned a lot and had new ideas along the way. Time
and circumstances prevented my use of live plants so I opted to fill
them with grain: corn, oats, rice, rye, buffalo grass and black popcorn.
Most of which were brought to me from the farm of artist, Dan
Brinkmeier in Mount Carroll. Still wondering why I’m in a show called
Women in Grains? Read my statement below…


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Picture 16 

Picture 13

artist statement

Trucks started showing up in my work in 2007, shortly after moving to a new neighborhood not far from the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago. The sound of the trucks lull me to sleep at night and once the leaves fall, I see the trucks up there on that ribbon of elevated expressway every time I walk out my front door to walk the dogs.

I actually like the sound these trucks make and I have a fascination with their scale and design. Growing up in quiet small town Sparta, Wisconsin, the sounds of the highway lulled me to sleep at night and reminded me that there was a whole other world out there full of people traveling and venturing to other places. I also love road trips, so trucks are a part of my visual landscape which I associate with the freedom and vistas of the open road.

So how do these things tie in with ‘Women in Grains’? I feel a certain grain connection due to my experiences at the Fields Project Artist Residency in rural Oregon, Illinois, not only painting images of the farms and fields, but actually making one of my images into an 11 acre field sculpture. I also consume my fair share of grains and in the end, no matter what I just said: trucks carry grain.

Anne’s Art in Niche Magazine…

I'm very excited to have my Painting, 'Black Frisbee Flyer', featured in
the Summer 2010 issue of Niche Magazine and on their website. Niche is a trade publication for
independent Retailers, they found my work via the Artful Home website.
I've already received a call from a gallery in New Orleans interested in
a wholesale order (big smile). Would love to do more wholesale…gotta
move more of these paintings out into the world!Picture 46

Bailey...another Golden


Just finished Bailey…this was a Pet Portrait Gift Certificate redemption from the holidays.You are looking at the final digital painting that I created and sent to my printer who will create an 18×18 Laminated Float Back Pet Portrait Print. It should arrive next week at which time I will sign and ship to it’s new home in Atlanta. Below you can see how I create the digital painting, on my magic tablet…the cintiq:


Willie's Wilderness Adventures...

 WillieptnglrFinished up several commission Pet Portraits, recently…this one was near and dear to my heart. My brother commissioned this narrative scene painting for his wife’s birthday last year…and they have been very patient! Willie was an awesome dog and is missed very much…this painting celebrates his life and love of the outdoors, asparagus, tennis balls and his favorite pass time, catching bees!


gone bikin'