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For your shopping pleasure…I’ve just added an Art For Sale category to my blog where I will post pieces you can buy immediately via PayPal…Or if you prefer not to pay online you can contact me with your credit card or email me to reserve a painting, as I also accept checks.


©2010 Anne Leuck Feldhaus
7×14 Acrylic on Wood Panel
$145 + Free Shipping




©2010 Anne Leuck Feldhaus
7×14 Acrylic on Wood Panel
$145 + Free Shipping


Watch your step!

Watchyrstep"Beautiful Fall Day" took on a whole new meaning once I stepped in that hole. Friday, Met Cathi "Corn" Bouzide at Lill Street to pick up my trucks from her studio. She suggested we walk a few of them over to our pal Stephie's Angelfood Bakery, as she had a display of several pieces from the Women in Grains Show in her front window. (By the way, Angelfood had just been named one of the 'Top 5 Bakeries in Chicago' by Steve Dolinsky, so well deserved and so proud of my friend!).
Picture 215Cathi and Stephie outside looking in…took a lot of miming through the window to get the rigs situated! ComboOnce we were done, I packed up my bubble wrap and headed back to my truck…la de dah…walkin' along, step off the curb and I'm down! What? (A huge hole hidden under a pile of beautiful fall leaves)…and it hurts! My ankle is huge, how can it get that big that fast? Stephie came running over with 2 bags of ice. I know she did not have time for this little emergency but she did what any good friend would do, hopped in the truck and drove me up to Peterson Urgent Care where we laughed and giggled between my teary outbreaks. I was relieved to find that my ankle was not broken but I did need crutches, and that proved to be very challenging for me.I fell a few times, am still crawling upstairs to bed each night but the swelling is way down and I can put some weight on my toes, now. Have never had to ask for so much help, I'm not good at it and poor Rich is trying to be patient, I always forget that he can't read my mind. Not to mention, that he's had to take care of two patients if you count Gracie:

Picture 1 Now just have to get through my Roscoe Village Dog & Art Lovers event on Friday. I won't be able to the normal prep, gallery re-hang etc, so this will be a good lesson for me to see how a show goes without working in over-drive, as is my reguar m.o. So grateful that I'll have Amanda to help me out and Rich. This ordeal has reminded me how lucky I am to have such a supportive husband and friends and mobility!

Happy Tail Syndrome...

Graciecone A very belated update on Gracie…made even later by a freak and unfortunate step on Friday which resulted in a sprained ankle for me! More about that in the next post. So back to Gracie girl…we took her to our vet for the first time so he could take out her stitches (from spaying) and give her a good check up. What he found was the end of her tail in very bad shape (it was hidden by her very dark fur) basically raw to the bone. “Happy Tail Syndrome” is a somewhat common occurrence for shelter dogs – every time someone comes into the kennel area they get so excited that they wag their tales so hard that they break on the back walls of the kennels which are usually cement. I know, ouch. Almost impossible to heal in a shelter environment and even challenging in a regular home, as we can attest to! Gw
Dr. Rovner bandaged and wrapped up the tail (like a flower complete with pink end and green stem) and suited her up with a cone collar to keep her from going after it. This means she no longer fits comfortably in our kennel so I took her to the studio that afternoon where she proved herself a natural snoozing away in the front window among the adoring public. While fun for her, this scenario proved to be very unproductive for me so Plan B ensued: sequestering her to the bathroom when we couldn’t be home with her.GracietaillrDid I mention she had the bandage off within the first 12 hours?! (we wanted to give her a break from the cone). Over the next several days Rich played doggie MD and re-wrapped it with a pipe insulator to soften the blows. It was not a pretty sight and soon she found a way to get to it even with the cone on!
Picture 4
So I rigged it up with duct tape to add some inches around the perimeter, she looked so silly – but it held up until we got her back to the vet for 30″ cone and a new bandage – this one reminiscent of a sock monkey!
 Picture 5At this point we have made it through 2 of the 3 weeks they predicted for recovery. It’s been a little exhausting to say the least and training is going very slow but she and Alice are warming up to each other. I do have to add that she is one of the most affectionate, snugly dogs that I have met, even while sporting the plastic satellite dish couture!

Bebe, Taffy & Ozzy...!

I created this great vertical Pet Portrait of the DeFee family canines last year. From left to right: Bebe,Taffy, and Ozzy…they live in Alabama. Sadly Taffy passed away this past spring. I hope that she and Izzy are galavanting together in that big dog park in the sky!
DeFeeDogsartIf you have more than one pet, I am happy to do custom sizes and formats for you. This ready to hang, laminated print measures 12″x36″ and has a float back frame. My Holiday Pet Portrait que is filling up, so get your order in soon!

Save the Date! October 22: Dog & Art Lovers Night

  Picture-10If you’re in the Chicago area on the 22nd we hope you can help us collect **supplies for the Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control Foster Program while enjoying Anne’s canine inspired ART, WINE, CHOCOLATE (from local chocolatier, Parks Chocolates) and SAVORY TREATS! Don’t forget to bring your dog and your friends to meet our special adoptable guest from CACC!

Bring in an *item/supply for Friends’ Pet Foster Program and you will receive a 20% savings certificate off any art or gift purchase!
**Items needed: Leashes, Snap-on Collars (any size), Dog Beds, Treats for Dogs & Cats (New), KMR Kitten Formula.

Please come out and support this group and all these deserving pets…we just adopted our Gracie from Chicago Animal Care & Control and I can tell you there are countless other dogs and cats there waiting for homes. See them here on Petfinder!!