….it was an amazing week on the farm: part I

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.24.54 PM
I spent a magical 9 days, June 18-26th, at the 13th Annual Fields Project Artist Residency. I'll split my recap into a few posts because I have a lot of photos that I would like to share. I stayed with the Pfieffer Family near Ashton, IL on their pig farm, and I'm glad to report that they have agreed to adopt me! …do you like their license plate?! My toes are the green ones, painted in honor of the week, which was filled with laughter and an endless supply of rural artistic inspiration.
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.29.05 PM
I'll start with the family farm dogs…this is Beauty.
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.34.52 PM
…and Bebe, hard working farm dogs most of the time!
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.31.52 PM
…and old, Tiger – he has quite a set of lungs! Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.47.56 PM
Lots of kitties running around, too! Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.52.12 PM
Pigs! I'll go into much more detail about these guys in the following posts. Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.54.23 PMMomma cow and her calf…sorry Taryn, I forgot momma's name, baby'g going to be an 'L' name…I suggested "Louie", "Lester"….oh, how about "LeRoy"? Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 7.58.43 PM
And this is Frosty (note the ears…struck with a little frost bite) and Daffodil in the background..they were really fun goats, totally engaging and loved attention! So beautiful.
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.01.34 PMA painting of them in process in my outdoor art studio at Castle Rock State Park. Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.07.10 PM
Daffodil, so pretty.
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.09.14 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.08.21 PMFrosty was often 'standing' on the fence like this when I would get in my truck to leave for the day. Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.14.14 PM
Look at that mug!
Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.15.53 PM…more to come! Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 8.19.32 PM

Canine Gargoyles and other photos from Wells Street…

Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 2.18.18 PM
With Kelly Velasco and her new painting 'Black Hair…Blue Mood'…Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 3.43.19 PM
Sharon got the brand new "Black Cat" painting…

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.21.41 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.22.34 PMI was mesmerized by the canine-ish gargoyles at the old Grossinger Cadillac building on Wells Street…lots of construction going on, hope they don't tear this beauty down.

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.23.02 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.23.27 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 9.23.36 PM

Golden Doodle Pet Portrait....

This custom Pet Portrait Box Frame Print was a gift order…I hope Bailey’s owner is pleasantly surprised! This was my first Golden Doodle portrait.

Wells Street Art Fair this weekend!

  Screen shot 2011-06-10 at 1.05.29 PM
Looking forward to my first outdoor Chicago show of the summer: the Wells Street Art Festival…you'll find me in Booth #281 on the east side of Wells Street near Goethe. If I don't see you, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Steve Dale’s Pet World gives a little shout out for Tree House & Anne’s Art…

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 7.25.43 PM

Steve Dale, syndicated pet expert shares photos by Dallas Yanez from Saturday's Stray Cat Strut Event, an annual walk to raise money for Tree House Humane Society. I donated the design they've used for the last few years on the shirts and posters.

New Pet Portaits Revealed...

Cocker Spaniel / Poodle / Bichon Mix…Carlie!

Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 5.44.03 PM
Sweet old Chocolate Lab: Max

Portuguese Water Dog: Bexlee!

Little Max…the Beagle

Jack Russell Terrier: Schultz!

I’m way behind on sharing all the Custom Pet Portraits I’ve created for clients over the last several months…stay tuned for more!

In Bloom Art Installed!

A little behind here, as usual: back in May I attended the awards Ceremony and Grand Opening of the "In Bloom" exhibit benefiting HCS Family Services at Oak Brook Center…I won a Merit Award which was a nice honor. The had a lovely reception and ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a walking tour and then an evening reception which I had to forego, to pack up for my Iowa Art Fair. It was a great afternoon.
Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 5.41.00 PM
I liked this frog a lot…
Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 5.37.32 PM
Another favorite piece, "Garden Song" sponsored by Sharpie.
Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 5.40.02 PMThe bee outfit seemed fitting for this event…
Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 6.12.07 PM
Fred DeAsis
with his bench: "Our Green Earth"…we met at the event and he was kind enough to take photos of me with my piece…thanks again, Fred!Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 6.12.34 PM
With artist,Carla Bank, and her painted frog: "Firebelly Ozzie"…turns out she owns one of my pieces!Screen shot 2011-06-03 at 6.16.51 PMThese were the top 3 award winners. You'll have to check them all out if you find yourself in Oak brook…they will be on display through August and auctioned off in September. I'd love to do another project like this…aside from the headaches of moving it around, etc. it was totally worth the effort.