Celebrating 70 years and a lifetime of love...

My dear Irish mother is 70 today…that doesn’t seem possible, nor the fact that I’m now 46! I made this bowl around Valentine’s Day…it seems most fitting to give it to Mom, the woman who taught me how to love. She has always been a shining example of goodness and compassion and has taught me so much over the years. I am so grateful to still have her healthy and happy, and still such a support, in my life. This is your *bonus* gift I will hand deliver it April…I love you Mom…Happy, Happy Birthday!




Red Bowls...2012 & Freshly Fired in 2013


These are porcelain, hand formed bowls that I’ve been making at Lill Street. The pieces on white are ‘footed’ and the ones on black have no feet. Shipping & Tax (in ILLINOIS) will apply to each sale. Just call or email if you would like to purchase, I can send you a paypal invoice, you can mail me a check or call with a credit card.