After the rain...

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Outside my studio door: a beautiful new Floodwall! Hopefully it will prevent future flooding in my studio!

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You probably heard about the crazy amount of rain we had in Chicago, recently. This little ledge was my first floodwall, it worked for a few hours. Sure wasn’t a pretty sight when I arrived the next morning:

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Luckily I had moved a lot of stuff in anticipation, but the water went much further than it ever had before (this is my 3rd flood in 10 months). So I did lose all of my rugs and, and then there was the clean up time. I was so grateful for the help of the janitor on this one…let’s hope that new floodwall, outside my door does the trick!


In the weeks since she has been gone, I seem to have amassed a ‘shrine’ to Alice: her clay paw print, an
envelope with clippings of her fur, her collar, her food bowl, the bone
photo/frame: a gift from Laura Nugent years ago, (she and Alice became fast friends after a week long
slumber party in our living room, when she stayed with us for a show), a
beautiful copper enamel heart condolence gift from Mary Laskey, and the
photo I took of us mounted on a resin frame, a suprise gift from another
artist friend, Juana Ryan. Oh, and that little pewter dog, I picked
that up years ago, it just represents her silly spirit. I still can’t
bear to put away her dog bed, so that remains in my little
living room and I step around it twice a day when I open and close the
blinds. Her leash and harness still hang on the hook by the door. I
can’t put the key in the door without thinking, she’s not there waiting
for me. I’m really doing okay, but grief has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it. Yep, I really miss her…hug your doggies, if you have’m!

New Magnets: 'Candid Canines'

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Check out my fun new Magnet Collection “Candid Canines”. Soon to be available in my Etsy Store…until then, Just ‘LIKE’ the Give Away post on my Facebook Fan Page…There will be 3
winners drawn on Friday at 4pm!

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Oh…and don’t miss the kitties, better order some cards for these felines!

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Illustration Friday = Train


My Illustration Friday Submission for TRAIN…Can you find the CTA elevated car?


Check out my art in the electric blue hallway at the Wishbone!


Don’t miss my Art Reception at the Wishbone on Lincoln on Thursday, April 11th! I recently hung a show in their electric blue hallway. Come peruse the art, enjoy a drink, and some wonderful southern appetizers. Check out my latest paintings and prints hanging for the month of April. We’ll be in the bar area from 6-8pm….I would love to see you! 
Wishbone Art Reception
Thursday, April 11th
6pm – 8pm

3300 N. Lincoln Avenue

Buy it now prints on Fine Art America!

one life...

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My Sweet Alice


One life…a gazillion photos, countless drawings and paintings, boundless love and joy. So sad to tell you that Alice is no longer with me, but so grateful for having had her lovely spirit in my life. She brought a smile to the face of every person that had the good fortune to meet her!


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Alice arrived at our front door on September 4, 2004 in the arms of a volunteer from Chicago Canine Rescue. Her whole litter had been found in an alley next to a dumpster…we had been talking about getting a 2nd dog and decided maybe a foster would be a good way to test it out. Izzy (10 at the time) was certainly not thrilled with this little gal that turned our house upside down, stole all of her toys and the attention – but in the end she was Izzy’s ears and constant companion. 
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August 2011, Alice and I, the first night in our tiny new apartment. She was by my side through one of the biggest transitions of my life…can’t imagine having gone through it, without her!




Christmas 2012 at Mom’s up in Wisconsin. Alice had so much fun and she loved snow!







I took these last 3 photos with my phone a week before she died, she was
so adorable and peaceful sleeping in my bed. I had no idea they would
be the last ones of us together. By now, I’m sure she’s busy tearing it
up in doggy heaven…so I won’t say rest in peace, just run and play, my
sweet, silly Alice!