Milwaukee Sentinel Feature!

Check out this great feature article on the beautiful remodel of my client’s home in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It includes the narrative story portrait I did of their five pups:milwaukeesentinelpress





ALF ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’re on facebook you’ve probably already seen a gazillion of these…I did this instead:

Please watch this video after you watch mine:  You can donate to ALS research and help others, like Anthony Carbajal, here.


I had a very quick, but lovely trip to the Northwest over the last week…sad and bad news when I arrived back in Chicago:

I would love some help finding copyright free music I can incorporate into my videos, feel free to share! As well as any editing tips you may have…this music didn’t really fit, but was ‘legal’.

Day 2 with the sketchbook video:

Monday…day two, experimenting with video capture! Sorry, I’m having trouble centering this, and clearly the video I took of actually writing that lovely quote by Tyler Knott Gregson didn’t work out…foiled again!

On Sunday, I had the extraordinary experience of paddling on the lake without another soul in site, in the pouring rain. It was magical and a little crazy. Don’t worry, there was no lightening, Mom!

I rigged up this tripod (rock/candle/brick from my old house) for my phone/camera (which I took the photo with, so you can’t see it!) Unfortunately the 12 minutes of sketching I did were cropped too small. Trial by error…that’s my method!1466162_10152181755402172_7371916114437183701_n


My first sketchbook video!

My phone is magic – I’m excited to share this new video I just made! There’s a definite learning curve, but I’m committed to figuring in out. Stay tuned for more…

Pet Rescue Tee Designs

teesketchBrainstorming t-shirt designs to help raise funds for A Place to Bark!