Straight from the dog's mouth!

A one of kind endorsement for my Custom Pet Portraits…thanks, Riggley!


Some Holiday Gifts just can't wait...

chester72Bill ordered up this Pet Portrait of their adorable Flat Coated Retriever, Chester, to give John for the Holidays…sometimes the waiting is the hardest part. Needless to say Christmas came early for John! JBI think Chester liked it, too!

** Holiday Pet Portrait Deadlines are Fast Approaching **

We Love Kids N Dogs!

kidsndogsI’m so excited to tell you about my new partnership with We Love Kids N Dogs and Neeman Barkus, based in Okemos, Michigan. We met at the Windy City Pet Expo back in July, they were exhibiting with their new Poochie Bowl, a genius invention inspired by their dearly departed Basset Hound, Scooter – it’s oval shaped so those long ears don’t get in the bowl – ‘the dry ear’ bowl! We’ve discussed some exciting possibilities for 2015…stay tuned! And if you live near the Meridian Mall in Okemos, get over there – their current Basset, Dudley, is often working at the store, I know he would love to meet you!



Anne's Art at Ravenswood Animal Hospital

RavenswoodAH72I had a wonderful time working with Dr. Cindy Olsen creating this great piece for the lobby of her brand new Animal Hospital in Ravenswood, we’re practically neighbors! We incorporated elements from her logo (a horseshoe with the Chicago flag stars), and her dearly departed horse, Skip. It looks so good with the bright yellow walls of her lobby. I’ve got several other pieces on display, as well. It was great fun to see the place packed with people and pets at her recent grand opening. See photos below of her staff, which includes her darling mother, Mama ‘C’. Such a warm and friendly place, when I meet my next dog, I’m definitely bringing her here! rahpicsRWAHAlice’s portrait was the placeholder until the final print was completed, they color coordinated with that gorgeous orchid!

Mr. Kilo visits the studio....

Screen shot 2014-11-01 at 11.15.32 AM


Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 11.38.34 PMI did Mr. Kilo’s Portrait a few years ago, he and Lily recently ordered up some fun Pet Portrait Swag in my Etsy Shop! Love having the pups visit my studio…he is incredibly photogenic! Hope you have a great Weekend!

End o’October…

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 7.45.49 PMHave I mentioned how much I love weather and water? (…spent much of the last 2 summers paddle boarding on Lake Michigan). So Late afternoon, on Halloween, when WBEZ reported a 21 foot wave clocked south of Chicago…I got myself to the lake, stat! No 21 footers on the northside, but I was not disappointed! It was so powerful and beautiful, these were a few of the salvageable shots…it was hard to get good ones because it was impossible to stand still in the wind.

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 8.07.35 PM

Screen shot 2014-10-31 at 7.49.14 PMThe next day…November 1st: I was invited to a Día de Muertos Potluck, makeup optional. I watched some makeup videos on youtube and I was hooked. Equipped with makeup from the Halloween store and paint brushes from my studio, I went to work…I love how it turned out! It was so much fun, as was the party and seeing everyone in costume (only about 20% of us). I used to be the boring girl who wouldn’t dress up, I think that girl is gone, now!   before

Screen shot 2014-11-11 at 10.56.46 PM


Screen shot 2014-11-03 at 12.57.59 PM