Freak Show Statement

meand5 the-horror

“I am a graphic storyteller, informally documenting my life in daily sketchbooks since 2001. These paintings cross that taboo line, fully honoring but also exposing some of these physical, emotional and mental oddities of midlife. Consider this a public service announcement to the men in our society and the younger women, yes, it might be helpful for you to know what”s coming down the pike! And, for all my sisters just embarking on, or already steeped in, this peri/menopausal journey with meā€¦please revel in these celebratory depictions of the horror and humor of the Freak Show of the Middle Aged Woman!

I have an even greater respect and admiration for the women who have come before me and all they’ve accomplished knowing they did it while dealing with these insane physical, and at times, brain bending conditions. Where the hell did I put my glasses, my keys, park my car? Stopped in their tracks as they exhaustingly wipe the sweat from their brow, tearing the layers of clothes off as the heat envelops their body…

Upsides: the empathy and sisterhood among womenfolk, as we trade stories and remedies and curse our mothers, for not warning us. This might be with your best friend or a woman standing in line at the pharmacy as you commiserate over hot flashes and age spots. This stuff ain’t pretty but all we can do is laugh and embrace it. In spite of this midlife spectacle that is now my body I wouldn’t choose to be any other age, for that would mean surrendering all the wisdom, experience, and confidence I”ve gained over these 49 years of my life.”

-Anne Leuck