Giving Back

“Chicago-based artist, Anne Leuck Feldhaus taps into her love for pets, her passion for animal adoption and rescue and her ability to compose vivid color and vibrant lines to create custom pet portraits, murals for furry family members.”

Having adopted 2 cats and 2 dogs in Chicago, I know the sad facts and figures about adoption rates in urban shelters. It is heartbreaking to see so many homeless animals and it astonishes me to see such a vast pedigreed dog marketplace flourishing in our country while large numbers of perfectly loveable mixed, older and even full breed pets wait in shelters for a chance to be given a home. Bringing attention to the plight of these often overlooked pets with my art and educating families who normally may have only considered a pure bred for-profit puppy or kitten is my intention. The more animal rescue and welfare groups I work with the more I learn about the shocking statistics of homeless pets and euthanasia in this country (see below), I believe that most people just do not realize how serious this problem is or that many of the pets in shelters are pure breeds. If they did, I think they would choose to adopt and save a homeless pet rather than purchasing from breeders and stores which often buy from puppy mills.

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My goal and mission is to give back to our dogs and cats all the unconditional love and devotion they provide us by spreading the word about animal adoption through my art and designs; to bring awareness to the plight of homeless pets and to help promote the many animal welfare organizations around the country that encourage pet adoption as an alternative to euthanasia.

-Anne Leuck Feldhaus