In Bloom Art Installed!

A little behind here, as usual: back in May I attended the awards Ceremony and Grand Opening of the "In Bloom" exhibit benefiting HCS Family Services at Oak Brook Center…I won a Merit Award which was a nice honor. The had a lovely reception and ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a walking tour and then […]

painting the birdbath…part 3: re-line & deliver!

A week ago last Thursday night I finished painting the bird bath for the HCS Family Services 'In Bloom" public art project at Oak Brook Center. was an evening of re-lining to bring the images back into sharp focus!It got to be a late night…

…the bottom/underside took way longer than I expected, […]

painting the birdbath…part 2: glorious color!

Here's the color portion of this story…spent a week deliberating if I should have 3 different color schemes/tiers and in the end stuck with it. In the past I would have done a coordinating border like the black and white bones I did in the 'Suite Chicago Dogs' set….but since this is one single piece […]

painting the birdbath...part 1: chalk and black paint

The weekend before last, I finally started putting some art on the crazy fiberglass bird bath! I started by drawing on the composition with purple chalk – I had started with a title of “Canines’n Blooms” and a brief color rendering, but couldn’t really figure it out until I was working full scale. Chalk is […]

…and it won’t fit through the studio door!

Drove out to Westmont yesterday to pick up the fiberglass hibiscus bird bath I've been commissioned to paint for the In Bloom Public Art Project on display at Oak Brook Center this summer…I knew it probably would not fit in the truck with the topper. Luckily an angel stepped in and was […]