Canines N’Blooms Auctioned Off…

  The Western Springs / Sun Times blog featured my "Canines N'Blooms" hand painted bird bath in their publicity for the final Charity Auction Event for HCS Family Services, held last weekend. I hope mine found a good home and brought in some good money for this wonderful organization. Follow this link to see all […]

...missing my girl.

Missing my sweet girl, Izzy…the dog that launched a thousand paintings, and even a few sculptures. I said goodbye to her a year ago today.


recent works in clay…

I continue to take Corinne Peterson's "Dreams, Myths & Pillars" class at Lill Street, it's a form of therapy for me – and her class is always filled with the most interesting and genuine souls. The piece at the top is about as close to a pillar as I will probably get, there […]

Snicker gets his wings…


My dog sculpture of Snicker is complete…came out pretty well with the exception of a hairline crack across the base…oh the joys of working with clay! Luckily there are some great epoxy products out there that may save the day if it decides to split. This piece is about 23" long […]

Growing Trucks…

My goal is to continuously make the next one bigger than the last, until our spring session ends in late May. These will, hopefully, soon be growing things in their beds…stay tuned to see them evolve and for more info about the "Women in Grains Show" in July.


...with wings

As I drove to clay class Monday night I decided this dog was asking for wings but being the neurotic artist, I worried it would hasten the departure of sixteen year old Izzy…then thought even if it does, maybe this means I’ll be giving her permission to go, in case she’s just been sticking […]

Tall dog…


My most recent work at Lill Street…Hope this pup is still intact when I unwrap it tomorrow. I have been known to be a little too careless when it comes to clay appendages, but as my wise classmate, Haleh, commented "it really is about the process not the end product".